The poem beautifully captures the movement of the much familiar and mundane objects around us, which in today’s time are a very essential part of our existence. The poem discusses the movement of a ceiling fan. The poet discusses the sound made by the ceiling fan comparing it to human chatter, though unknown and incomprehensible.

Stanzawise Explanation

Stanza 1

Once there was a talking fan-

Electrical his chatter.

I could’t quite hear what he said

And I hope it doesn’t matter

Because one day somebody oiled

His little whirling motor

And all the mystery was spoiled-

He ran as still as water.

Reference The above lines have been taken from Maude Rubin’s poem, ‘Mystery of the Talking Fan.

Context The poet, in these lines, closely observes the movement of the ceiling fan, calling its noise chatter.

Explanation The poem opens with the personification of the fan, being given human attributes such as the ability to talk and chatter. The poet calls the fan’s noise an ‘electrical chatter.’ The poet is unable to comprehend what exactly it means and before the poet could succeed in decoding the mystery, somebody oiled its motor. Ever since, it functioned in such a smooth manner that no noise could be heard. The ‘talking fan’ fell silent.