Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Good Morning

The Magic Garden

Bird Talk

Nina and the Baby Sparrows

Little by Little

The Enormous Turnip

Sea Song

A Little Fish Story

The Balloon Man

The Yellow Butterfly


The Story of the Road

Puppy and I

Little Tiger, Big Tiger

What’s in the Mailbox?

My Silly Sister

Don’t Tell

He is My Brother

How Creatures Move

The Ship of the Desert

Class 4

Wake Up

Neha’s Alarm Clock


The Little Fir Tree


Nasruddin’s Aim


Alice in Wonderland

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

The Donkey

I had a Little Pony

The Milkman’s Cow


The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

A Watering Rhyme

The Giving Tree


Going to buy a Book

The Naughty Boy


Class 5

Ice-cream Man

Wonderful Waste


Flying Together

My Shadow

Robinson Crusoe

Discovers a footprint


My Elder Brother

The Lazy Frog

Rip Van Winkle

Class Discussion

The Talkative Barber

Topsy-turvy Land

Gulliver’s Travels

Nobody’s Friend

The Little Bully

Sing a Song of People

Around the World

Malu Bhalu

Who Will be Ningthou

Class 6

A Tale of Two Birds

The Friendly Mongoose

The Shepherd’s Treasure

The Old-Clock Shop


The Monkey and the Crocodile

The Wonder Called Sleep

A Pact with the Sun

What Happened to the Reptiles

A Strange Wrestling Match

Class 7

The Tiny Teacher

Bringing up Kari

The Desert

The Cop and the Anthem

Golu Grows a Nose

I Want Something in a Cage


The Bear Story

A Tiger in the House

An Alien Hand

Three Questions

The Squirrel

A Gift of Chappals

The Rebel

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

The Shed

The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom




Expert Detectives

Mystery of the Talking Fan

The Invention of Vita-Wonk

Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Fire : Friend and Foe

Meadow Surprises

A Bicycle in Good Repair

Garden Snake

The Story of Cricket

Class 8

The Best Christmas Present in the World

The Ant and the Criket

The Tsunami

Geography Lesson

Glimpes of the Past

Macavity : The Mystery Cat

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

The Last Bargain

The Summit Within

The School Boy

This is Jody’s Fawn

The Duck and the Kangaroo

A Visit to Cambride

When I set out for Lyonnesse

A Short Monsoon Diary

The Great Stone Face – I

The Great Stone Face – II

How the Camel got his hump

Children at work

The Selfish Giant

The Treasure Within

Princess September

The Fight

The Open Window


The Comet – I

The Comet – II

Class 9

The Fun They Had

The Road Not Taken

The Sound of Music

Evelyn Glennie

Bismillah Khan


The Little Girl

Rain on the Roof

A Truly Beautiful Mind

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

The Snake and the Mirror

A Legend of the Northland

My Childhood

No Men Are Foreign


The Duck and the Kangaroo

Reach for the Top

Santosh Yadav

Maria Sharapova

On Killing a Tree

The Bond of Love

The Snake Trying


A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

If I Were You

The Lost Child

The Adventures of Toto

Iswaran the Storyteller

In the Kingdom of Fools

The Happy Prince

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

The Last Leaf

A House Is Not a Home

The Accidental Tourist

The Beggar

Class 10

A Letter to God

Dust of Snow

Fire and Ice

Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom

A Tiger in the Zoo

Two Stories about Flying

His First Flight

Black Aeroplane

The Ball Poem

From the Diary of Anne Frank


The Hundred Dresses – I

The Hundred Dresses – II


Glimpses of India

A Baker from Goa


Tea from Assam

The Trees

Mijbil the Otter


Madam Rides the Bus

The Tale of Custard the Dragon

The Sermon at Benares

For Anne Gregory

The Proposal

A Triumph of Surgery

The Thief’s Story

The Midnight Visitor

A Question of Trust

Footprints without Feet

The Making of a Scientist

The Necklace

The Hack Driver


The Book That Saved the Earth

Class 11

The Portrait of a Lady

A Photograph

We’re Not Afraid to Die….if We Can All Be Together

Discovering Tut : the Saga Continues

The Laburnum Top

Landscape of the Soul

The Voice of the Rain

The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

The Browning Version


The Adventure

Silk Road

Father to Son

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

The Address

Ranga’s Marriage

Albert Einstein at School

Mother’s Day

The Ghat of the Only World


The Tale of Melon City

The Lament

A Pair of Mustachios

The Rocking-horse Winner

The Adventures of the Three Garridebs

Pappachi’s Moth

The Third and Final Continent

Glory at Twilight

The Luncheon

The Peacock

Let me Not to the Marriage of True Minds


Telephone Conversation

The World is too Much With Us

Mother Tongue

Hawk Roosting

For Elkana

Refugee Blues

Felling of the Banyan Tree

Ode to a Nightingale

Ajmal and the Tigers

My Watch

My Three Passions

Patterns of Cretivity

Tribal Verse

What is a Good Book

The Story


Class 12

The Last Lesson

Lost Spring

Deep Water

The Rattrap


Poets and Pancakes

The Interview

Part I

Part II

Going Places

My Mother at Sixty Six

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

Keeping Quiet

A Thing of Beauty

A Roadside Stand

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

I Sell my Dreams


A Wedding in Brownsville


One Centimetre

A Lecture Upon the Shadow

Poems by Milton

Poems by Blake

Kubla Khan


The Wild Swans of Coole

Time and Time Again



The Mark on the Wall


Why the Novel Matters

The Argumentative Indian

On Science Fiction


Broken Images

The Third Level

The Tiger King

Journey to the end of the Earth

The Enemy

Should Wizard hit Mommy

On the face of it

Evans Tries an O-level

Memories of Childhood

The Cutting of My Long Hair

We Too are Human Beings