Short Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1 : Why does it take much time to kill a tree?

Answer : A tree will take much time to be killed because it has got strength its roots are safe under the earth, and simple blows from the tools won’t do any harm to it.

Question 2 : How has the tree grown to its present size?

Answer : The tree has grown to its present size by absorbing the resources from earth and from its surrounding like air, water and sunlight.

Question 3 : What has been compared with ‘Leprous hide’?

Answer : ‘Leprous hide’ has been compared with the bark, which has got discoloured over a period of time. It looks like that of someone, who has leprosy and the skin of the body has got discoloured.

Question 4 : A simple jab of knife was not enough to kill a tree. What did the poet suggest to do after that?

Answer : A simple jab of knife was not enough to kill a tree. The poet, therefore, suggested that it should be uprooted hacked and chopped to implement severe blows.

Question 5 : What will be the effect of hacking and the chopping on the tree?

Answer : The hacking and chopping of the tree would make the tree bleed i.e. secret a liquid but this pain will be relieved soon and the bleeding bark will heal itself.

Question 6 : How can the tree get back to its former size?

Answer : The bleeding bark will be heated and from the place closer to the ground, there will be new twigs arising out of it, new boughs will take place which will make the plant grow to its former size.

Question 7 : Explain the usage of ‘anchoring earth’.

Answer : ‘Anchoring’ is used to show a condition or a situation which is compulsory to a process to take place. The earth is such as compulsory and important factor to the tree. So,  ‘anchoring earth’ has been used.

Question 8 : Why did the poet want the tree to be snapped out?

Answer : The earlier methods of killing the tree were not successful. Therefore, the poet used the way to pull out the roots and then to be snapped out to kill the tree for sure.

Question 9 : What is the source of the tree as used in the poem? How does it look like?

Answer : The source of the tree is its roots and it looks like a white sensitive matter, which is wet and hidden inside the earth for years.

Question 10 : How is the tree killed finally?

Answer : When a tree is exposed of its strength i.e. its roots then the sun and air burn it. They choke it and the roots are exhausted. Thus, the tree is killed finally.

Long Questions (8 Marks)

Question 1 : What is the underlying message of the poem?

Answer : The poem describes the process of cutting or killing a tree. It seems contrary to our established belief that we generally tend to plant more and more trees. The poet, here, mentions how to implement the effective killing. The underlying message of the poem is that the poet wants us to do a job completely when we start it once. We should not drop it in the mind. It may seem to us that we have done is perfectly, but at times, it is just an illusion. Therefore, we should finish the job completely just like the complete killing of the tree. Also, the poet reminds us of the fact that the efforts must be optimum and should be put whole-heartedly.

Question 2 : The poem is about killing a tree. Do you think it is justified to cut trees? Why does the poet say so then?

Answer : The poem is all about killing a tree. The poet has mentioned the various ways through which a tree can be killed. But, it is not justified to kill a tree for our selfish motives. Still, the poet used the theme of the killing. He wanted to convey the message that despite the clinical methods of killing a tree, there always remains a contemptible act. The poet used this way to comment in a contrasting way and it was of the nature in which someone taunts. He knew that people are aware of the fact that it is a great harm to cut trees but they do it more often. Hence, he used his way.

Question 3 : The poet has described the ways of killing a tree which is against the corollary. What did the poet what to convey with this?

Answer : The poet has conveyed the strongest message to the readers. He has used a different method which is opposite to the corollary (outcome). But, this has something to do with the poem. The poet is highlighting the evils all around us which have its deep-roots inside us. We are prone to its devastating (harmful) effect. He wants us to alleviate (remove) ourselves from these evils, which is an obstacle to our growth. Evils will take time in getting out but it needs to be eliminated. We need strong will power, perseverance (determination) and complete dedication to root them out. It is never so easy as these have got inside completely and we are required to put out utmost efforts.