Very Short Questions

Question 1 : What happens to bird during summer?

Answer : The birds become faint and quiet under the hot sun.

Question 2 : Where do the birds hide to avoid the heat of the sun?

Answer : The birds hide themselves under the shade of the trees in order to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.

Question 3 : What happens during winter?

Answer : The frost casts complete silence over all aspects of nature during winter.

Question 4 : Which words or phrases suggest a sense of relief from the heat of summer in stanza 1?

Answer : ‘Cooling trees’ and ‘pleasant weeds’ offer a sense of relief from the heat of summer in stanza 1.

Question 5 : Who are half lost in drowsiness and why?

Answer : During winter, people get half lost in drowsiness because of the weather that spreads a chilling numbness.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Discuss the common features between the grasshopper and the cricket?

Answer : Both the grasshopper and the cricket are the representative voices of nature’s music or poetry. Both offer a soothing effect from the extremities of climate.

The grasshopper’s song balances the extreme heat during the summer by providing music that is comforting and pleasing. The cricket does the same during winter.

Question 2 : Why does the poet believe that the poetry of earth is never dead?

Answer : The poet believes that poetry of nature is never ending or never ceasing because it continues to offer balm over its inhabitants round the year, irrespective of change in seasons, change in day and night and so on. There is so many soothing sounds in nature that provide relief to people from the harsh climate.