Prepositions Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Prepositions

Question 1 :  A preposition is a …………… word.

Answer : relationship

Question 2 : What two partners do prepositions work with?

Answer :Prepositions always work with objects and referents.

Question 3 :  What grammatical construction are prepositions always part of?

Answer : Prepositions are always part of prepositional phrases.

Question 4 :  The word or phrase modified by the prepositional phrase is called the ………….

Answer : referent.

Question 5 :  Is the object of the preposition always a noun?

Answer : The object of preposition is always a nominal (a  word, phrase, or clause that functions as a noun), but it is not necessarily a standard noun.

Question 6 :  Which verb do we sometimes see as an object of a preposition?

Answer : The gerund is frequently the object of a preposition.

Question 7 :  How might a prepositional phrase function in a sentence?

Answer : A prepositional phrase may function as a nominal or a modifier.

Question 8 : Is it a mistake to place a preposition at the very end of a sentence?

Answer : No, it is OK to place a preposition at the end of a sentence as long as the sentence sounds fine and makes sense.

Question 9 :  Identify the problem in this sentence: “Where are we taking him to?”

Answer : The sentence contains an unnecessary preposition. Remove to. It should read, “Where are we taking him?”

Question 10 :  What is the difference in meaning between the prepositions between and among?

Answer : Between applies to just two people, animals, or things, while among applies to more than two.