Long Answer Type Questions

  1. Mr Gessler in his last wasn’t in good health. Give three examples to prove this.

Ans. Author had mistaken Mr Gessler for his elder brother because he looked too old. There was very thin lining of hair left on the top portion of his head. During the last meeting with the author within a period of one year, Mr Gessler had grown older by around 10 years. He looked tired and exhausted.The hardships of the trade have taken a toll on his health. He even failed to recognise the author at first.

  1. Mr Gessler was spending his days with great difficulty. Give suitable arguments in favour of this.

Ans. Mr Gessler was having a tough time in his final years. He had lost his customers because of the delay in delivery of his orders.

He used to work really hard to make each pair of shoe. But still everything he earned went on paying the rent of his shop and in buying leather. There wasn’t much money with him. He nearly killed himself working for hours at the shop without any food and rest.  

Value Based Question

Quality is an important aspect of business. Elaborate

Ans. Quality plays an important role in business. Every customer looks for quality in the products they buy. Everyone wants to buy an item that has high quality. If we keep the quality of our products high then our customers will visit us again. Popularity of our products also increases in the market. But in other hand if, we sell products of low quality then people might buy them once but will feel being cheated. They will never lose our trust and we will lose them as customer forever.