Reproductive System Questions and Answers ICSE Class 10

1 Mark Questions

Question 1 : Differentiate between the following on the basis of what is mentioned within brackets?

Corpus callosum and corpus luteum (function).

Answer : Corpus luteum is the remain of Graffain follicle which secrete female sex hormones e.g. progesterone.

Corpus callosum is the region that connects the left and right cerebral hemisphere of forebrain.

Question 2 : The site of maturation of human sperms is the

a) seminiferous tubule

b) interstitial cells

c) epididymis

d) prostrate gland

Answer : c) epididymis

Question 3 : State the exact location of seminal vesicle.

Answer : Seiminal vesicle is found between the urinary bladder and rectum in males.

Question 4 : Select the odd one out of the following terms given below. And also write the category for remaining terms.

Cowper’s gland, urethral gland, lachrymal gland, seminal vesicles, prostrate gland.

Answer : Odd one : lachrymal gland.

Category : All other are the parts of male reproductive system.

Question 5 : State the main function of a sperm duct.

Answer : Sperm duct is responsible for transmitting sperm from epididymis to the penis for discharge.

Question 6 : Give the biological/technical term for the following.

The onset of menstruation in a young girl.

Answer : Menarche is the phenomenon of onset of menstruation in a young girl.

Question 7 : State the main function of seminiferous tubule.

Answer : Seiminiferous tubule in males is responsible for the production of sperms.

Question 8 : Give the exact location of the prostrate gland.

Answer : Prostrate gland is found in between the urinary bladder and the point where sperm ducts join the urethra.

Question 9 : Given below is the set with four terms in which one term is an odd one and cannot be grouped in the same category to which the other three belong. Identify the odd one in the set and name the category to which the  remaining three belong.

Ovary, ureter, Fallopian tube and uterus.

Answer : Odd one : Ureter

Category : All others are the parts of female reproductive system.

Question 10 : Give the biological/technical terms for the phase in the menstrual cycle in which the remnant of follicle in the ovary turns to corpus luteum.

Answer : Luteal phase is the phase in the menstrual cycle in which the remnant of follicle turns to corpus luteum in the ovary which produce hormone progesterone.

Question 11 : Name the cells of the testes that produce male hormones.

Answer : Interstitial cells (Leydig cells) are the cells that produce male hormones.

Question 12 : Name the place where fertilisation occurs in the female reproductive system.

Answer : Fertilisation occurs in the Fallopian tube of the female reproductive system.

Question 13 : Given below is the set of five terms. Rewrite the terms in logical sequence as directed at the end of each statement.

Vagina, ovary, uterus, oviduct, cervix. (pathway of egg after ovulation).

Answer : The logical sequence is

Ovary, oviduct, uterus, cervix and vagina.

Question 14 : Given below is the type of organ found in males, write its special functional activity in the blank given.

Seminiferous tubules and ………….

Answer : Seminiferous tubules and spermatogenesis.

Question 15 : Give the specific function of the following structures found in the body of an animal. Corpus luteum.

Answer : Corpus luteum secretes the hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Question 16 : Given below is the question followed by your choice. Select and rewrite the correct answer to the given statement from your choices given below.

The onset of menstruation in the female is termed as

a) ovulation

b) menarche

c) menopause

d) parthenogenesis

Answer : b) menarche

Question 17 : Given below is the set of five terms. Without changing the first term rearrange the remaining four, so as to be in logical sequence as per the directions given in the bracket.

Seminiferous tubule , penis, urethra, epididymis, vas deferens. (course of passage of sperms in man)

Answer : Sequence of direction for the course of passage of sperm in man is

Seminiferous tubule -> epididymis -> vas deferens -> urethra -> penis.

Question 18 : Given below are the particular structures write their special functional activity.

i) Corpus luteum and ………..

ii) Seminal vesicle and ………..

Answer : 

i) Corpus luteum and progesterone.

ii) Seminal vesicle and production of semen, a milky fluid.

Question 19 : Name the organ or structure that produces testosterone.

Answer : Interstitial cells of testes in the structure that produces testosterone.

Question 20 : Given below is a set of term in logical sequence, representing a process of a function of these, one term is incorrect. Identify the incorrect term and replace it with the correct term.

Seminiferous tubule -> Sperm -> Sperm duct -> Accessory glands -> Semen -> Ureter.

Answer : Incorrect term : Ureter

Correct term : Penis.

Question 21 : State whether the following statements is true or false. If false, write the correct statement by changing first word only.

Testosterone is an androgen.

Answer : The statement is true.

Question 22 : Give the exact location and one function of the following structure.

Seminiferous tubules.

Answer : 

Question 23 : Given below is the set of terms, in given case, arrange and rewrite set of terms, so as to be in logical sequence.

Graafian follicle, ostium ovum, uterus, Fallopian tube.

Answer : The logical sequence in the set is ostium, Graafian follicle, ovum, Fallopian tube, uterus.

Question 24 : Name the following.

The canal through which the testes descend into the scrotum just before birth in a human male child.

Answer : Inguinal canal is the canal through which the testes descend into the scrotum just before the birth in a human male child.

Question 25 : Give one point difference between the following pairs on the basis of what is indicated in bracket.

Prostrate gland and Cowper’s gland. (the nature of secretion).

Answer : 

Prostate gland Cowper’s gland
Type of accessory gland that secretes a white alkaline fluid into semen to neutralise acidic pH of vagina. Another type of accessory gland that secrete mucous and alkaline fluid into urethra which helps in lubrication of penis.

Question 26 : Given below are the terms. Rewrite the terms in the correct order, so as to be in logical.

Luteul phase, follicular phase, menstrual phase, ovulatory phase.

Answer : Logical sequence of phase of menstrual cycle is Menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase, luteal phase.