Sentence Types and Structures Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Sentence Types and Structures

Question 1 :  What are the four basic sentence types?

Answer : The four basic sentence types are: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.

Question 2 : Which sentence type would one use to give a command?

Answer : A command is issued in the form of an imperative sentence.

Question 3 :  Why are speakers and writers allowed to use any of several alternative word orders when constructing a sentence?

Answer : Alternate word orders satisfy the brain’s craving for novelty and change.

Question 4 : In most interrogative sentences, how are the subject and verb positioned?

Answer : In most interrogative sentences, the subject and verb are inverted.

Question 5 :  Is the subject of an imperative sentence missing if it is not expressed?

Answer : No, the subject is implied or understood.

Question 6 :  Is it possible to diagram an understood subject?

Answer : Yes. Place the understood subject in parentheses in the subject slot of the diagram.

Question 7 :  What basic sentence structure does the sentence “You can call me Bruce” use?

Answer :  The sentence uses the subject-verb-direct-object complement (S-V-dO-OC) sentence structure.

Question 8 : Can a noun in direct address be the subject of a sentence?

Answer : No,  such nouns are independent elements.

Question 9 : What is a dummy element?

Answer : A dummy element fills the place of a delayed subject.

Question 10 :  Why would we delay a subject?

Answer : We would delay a subject to create a smoother construction.