A little green frog lived under a log,
And every time he spoke,
Instead of saying, “Good morning,”
He only said, “Croak-croak.”

A duck lived by the waterside,
And little did he lack,
But when we asked, “How do you do?”
He only said, “Quack-quack.”

A little pig lived in a sty,
As fat as he could be,
And when he asked for dinner
He cried aloud, “Wee-wee.”

Three pups lived in a kennel,
And loved to make a row,
And when they meant, “May we go out?”
They said, “Bow-wow! Bow-wow!”

If all these animals talked as much
As little girls and boys,
And all of them tried to speak at once,
Wouldn’t it make a noise?