Short Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1 : Describe Toto in your own words.

Or, Give a brief description of Toto.

Answer : Toto was a pretty monkey with bright eyes sparkling with mischief. His pearly white teeth frightened some people. His hands looked dried-up and his tail added to his good looks. All this hid a very naughty personality.

Question 2 : Why was Toto’s presence kept a secret from grandmother?

Or, Where was Toto kept immediately after grandfather got him? Why?

Answer : It was decided that Toto’s presence should be kept a secret from grandmother until she was in a good mood because she always fussed (got annoyed) when grandfather brought home some new bird or animal. So he was kpe tin a closet tied securely to a peg in the author’s room.

Question 3 : Give the names of grandfather’s pets. Where did they live?

Answer : A tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and a goat, besides. Nana, the donkey, were grandfather’s pets. They lived in a big cage in the servant’s quarters , except Nana, who was kept in a stable. Toto, the monkey, was added to this.

Question 4 : How did Toto travel by train? What was the ticket collector’s reaction?

Or, How does Toto become a problem to grandfather while going to Saharanpur?

Or, What happened when Toto was taken to Saharanpur?

Answer : Grandfather took Toto in a canvas bag by train to Saharanpur. At the station exit, when grandfather was producing his ticket, Toto suddenly poked his head out of the bag and gave the ticket collector a wide grin. So, the ticket collector insisted that grandfather must buy the ticket for the pet.

Question 5 : What was Nana? How did Toto tease Nana?

Answer : Nana was the family donkey. When Toto was kept with her in the stable , at night Toto teased Nana by biting her long ears with his sharp little teeth .He disturbed her so much that she was not able to eat the grass.

Question 6 : Why could Toto and Nana not become friends?

Answer : Toto was very naughty and wicked and could not stay still for a long time. Nana was a well-behaved and docile donkey. When they were together in the stable, Toto bit on her long ears making her annoyed with him. Thus, Toto and Nana could not become friends.

Question 7 : How was Toto a nuisance in the house?

Answer : Toto was a nuisance in the house because he was always up to some mischief. He sometimes tore curtains, tore people’s clothes, scratched wallpaper, broke dishes by throwing them and so on. He even fought with the pet donkey. Will all these losses, he was surely a nuisance to all.

Question 8 : Why was Toto sold back to the tonga-driver?

Or, Why did the grandfather sell Toto back to the tonga-driver?

Or, Why did the grandfather give away Toto, the monkey?

Answer : Due to his naughty antics, Toto troubled everyone, including the pet donkey.

He caused monetary loss to the family because he broke dishes, tore clothes, curtains and wallpaper. So, he was sold back to the tonga-driver.

Long Questions (8 Marks)

Question 1 : What was a great treat for Toto? How did he enjoy it?

Answer : Toto was a playful pet. He loved to be on the doing side. He never got low in his energy. His energy knew no ending. He constantly performed the tricks and kept all the members of the family entertained. During the winter, toto used to do some good artistic and exceptionally innovate acts. As he was a clever pet, it was expected of him. A great treat for Toto during cold winter evenings was a large bowl of warm water given to him for his bath. He enjoyed it thoroughly, first test the temperature with his hand. If okay, he would gradually step into bath. He would then soap himself all over. When the water became cold, he would get out and run to the kitchen fire to dry himself. If anyone laughed at him during this performance, Toto would refuse to go on with his bath because his feelings had been hurt. Of course, it was a great fun Toto during all this. It was just a tribute to his intelligence and all his acts were very lovable.

Question 2 : Grandfather was a great lover of animals. Describe.

Answer : When there is love with you, you do all the things that appeal to you. You bring joys in it, your passion in it and put the best of your energy in this. This same was with grandfather. He had a great feel for the animals and he was spirited and animated in keeping the pets. His love for the pets was just like an open sky where there is a  lot of space for the countless stars. Despite the continuous and ongoing protest from the grandmother, he never let his habit go. This shows his open love for the pets.

Grandfather was a great lover of animals because he had his own private zoo containing a variety of pet animals including a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and, a pet goat and a donkey, besides Toto the monkey. He frequently bought animals, facing the anger of his wife, who did not like them. He was pleased with Toto’s cleverness. He even looked after his pets by visiting them at night and keeping Toto separate from them after observing his naughtiness.

Question 3 : Toto’s mischiefs are beyond imagination. Support your answer.

Or, ‘Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long.’ Explain, giving examples from the text.

Answer : Toto could not be kept for long due to three main reasons: he destroyed the family’s possessions at home, annoyed the animals by teasing them and got into unnecessary trouble.

His mischiefs included:

  1. He damaged the wall when he wrenched out of the peg he was tied to.
  2. He tore the author’s school blazer to shreds.
  3. He did not allow the other pets to sleep at night.
  4. He forced the grandfather to pay his railway fare, by popping his head out of the bag he was being carried in, just at the exit gate at Saharanpur station.
  5. He teased the family donkey by biting her long ears.
  6. He almost killed himself by climbing into a tea kettle for having a bath while the kettle was being heated on the stove.
  7. He at a dish full of pullao by throwing plates at the family and running out onto a tree to escape them, finally breaking the bowl also.
  8. He tore curtains and other clothes of the family, besides damaging other stuffs belonging to the family.