Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option.

Question 1 :

What is the boy now, who has lost his ball,

What, what is he to do? I saw it go

Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then

Merrily over – there it is in the water!

No use to say – ‘O there are other balls’:

i) The expression ‘what , what is he to do’?


a) loss of ball

b) further action of boy

c) boy’s grief over loss of ball

d) feels happy

ii) Where did the ball go?

a) Across the street

b) Into water

c) In a drain

d) Far off in a jungle

iii) Which word is synonym of ‘happily’?

a) Friendly

b) hopefully

c) Merrily

d) Sadly

iv) What does the expression – “no use to day -‘O there are other balls’ mean”?

a) It is a big loss

b) Insignificant loss

c) Will buy new ball

d) Loss is of major consequence

Answer : i) c) boy’s grief over loss ball

ii) b) Into water

iii) c) Merrily

iv) d )Loss is of major consequence

Question 2 :

An ultimate shaking grief fixes the boy

As he stand rigid, trembling, staring down

All his young days into the harbour where

His ball went. I would not intrude on him,

A dime, another ball, is worthless.

i) Which adjective in these lines express the effect of this loss on the boy?

a) Rigid

b) Trembling

c) Staring

d) Crying

ii) Explain the expression ‘shaping grief’.

a) trembling in grief

b) crying in grief

c) feeling unhappy and very sad

d) not able to move

iii) Which word in these lines is synonym of ‘Interfere’?

a) Disturb

b) Intrude

c) Rigid

d) Dime

iv) Why is money or another ball worthless for the boy?

a) He does not want to play

b) He is very sad

c) Sense of loss as same ball can not be found

d) Can not afford another ball

Answer : i) a) Rigid

ii) c) Feeling unhappy and very sad

iii) b) Intrude

iv) c) Sense of loss as same can not be found