Long Questions and Answers

  1. Was the lady mistaken in identifying the bear she met in the forest?

Ans. From the story, it appears that the lady was mistaken in identifying the bear she met in the forest. She, herself, as always had chained her pet bear.

The bear the lady met in the forest looked at the lady with cunning eyes. The mistress’s pet bear looked at everyone in an amicable way.

Also, the lady got furious because she thought that her pet bear had lost his new collar. In reality, the lady was mistaken in understanding that this was not her pet bear.

  1. Why did the old cook defend the bear?

Ans. On hearing her mistress shout at the bear, the old cook becomes angry with the mistress and comes to the bear’s rescue.

Also, she knew that the bear had not moved from his place the entire day and had behaved really well in his mistress’s absence.

The bear had been longing to play with her mistress and therefore, he kept looking toward the gate for his mistress to return.