Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Question 1 :┬áThe moon was coming up in the east, behind me, and stars were shining in the clear sky above me. there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I was happy to be alone high up above the sleeping countryside. I was flying my old Dakota aeroplane over France back to England. I was dreaming of my holiday and looking forward to being with my family. I looked at my watch at one thirty in the morning.

I should call Paris Control soon. I thought. As I looked down past the nose of the aeroplane, I saw the lights of a big city in front of me.

i) How was the weather when the pilot started flying his aeroplane?

a) Cloudy

ii) Clear

c) Stormy

d) Foggy

ii) Why was the pilot flying his old Dakota?

a) Because he had to report back to head quarter

b) Because he had to monitor the weather conditions

c) Because he was on a secret vigil against enemy

d) Because he wished to have morning breakfast with family

iii) Which word in the extract means the same as ‘land outside towns or cities’?

a) Countryside

b) Behind

c) Dreaming

d) high

iv) ……………. in the extract means ‘hoping with pleasure’.

a) Coming up

b) Shining in

c) Looking forward to

d) Look at

Answer : i) b) Clear

ii) d) Because he wished to have morning breakfast with family.

iii) a) Countryside

iv) c) Looking forward to

Question 2 : Paris was about 150 kilometers behind me when I saw the clouds. Storm clouds. They were huge. They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky – I knew I could not fly up and over them, and I did not have enough fuel to fly around them to the north or south.

i) What happened when the pilot was about 150 kilometers away from Paris?

a) He saw storm clouds

b) It started raining

c) He noticed a spy jet at a close distance

d) The level of fuel fell below the danger mark

ii) What does the author compare the clouds to?

a) A monster

b) Black mountains

c) Dragon

d) Angel

iii) Find out the word in the extract which is similar in meaning to ‘sufficient’.

a) Huge

b) Over

c) Enough

d) Across

iv) What does ‘storm clouds’ means in the extract?

a) Colourful clouds

b) Foggy clouds

c) Yellow and red clouds

d) Huge and dark clouds

Answer : i) a) He saw storm clouds

ii) b) Black mountains

iii) c) Enough

iv) d) Huge and dark clouds