Long Questions and Answers

Question 1  : Do you agree that the story  ‘The Black Aeroplane’ is a mystery? Justify.

Answer : A pilot was flying in his old Dakota plane. It was very clear and the flight was easy. He was dreaming of holiday with his family. Suddenly he saw black storm clouds in the sky. He had limited fuel so he could neither fly over the clouds nor go back to Paris. He flew straight into the storm clouds. Everything was black there. Instruments of the aeroplane stopped working. Suddenly he could see another black aeroplane. The pilot of the aeroplane guided him through the black clouds. He came out of the clouds and could see the light of the runway.

The pilot of the Dakota wanted to than the pilot of the black aeroplane and went to the control room. But nobody had seen that black aeroplane. It was really a mystery.

Question 2 : Have you ever been alone or away from home during a thunderstorm? Narrate your experience in a paragraph.

Answer : It is a recent incident of my childhood when I was around 6 years old. In the eve of Diwali, I was in the field with my grandmother, it was raining heavily and wind started blowing in a manner that tall trees were falling down and everything was moving in the sky, and my grandmother and I stayed under a mango tree which was very old. It was a very fearful evening. After some tie, we had started walking towards home because it was going near by a river that was flowing in a very fast manner and big waves were there. There were black clouds and big things like trees, buffalo, ox, dogs were flying and falling down and we have to pass that river but it was looking impossible to me as everything corps, homes was destroyed. It had stopped after two days.

Question 3 : How did the narrator get out of the storm in the night to land safely?

Answer : The narrator was flying his old Dakota aeroplane when he saw the black clouds. He was lost in the storm. Suddenly, he saw a black aeroplane by his side, which had no lights on its wings.

The pilot instructed the narrator to follow as he had lost the way. He obeyed him like a child. He was very happy to follow him. After some time, the pilot of another plane started to land. The narrator followed him blindly through the storm and came out of the clouds. He saw the lights of the runway and landed safely.

After his safe landing, he wanted to thank the pilot of the black plane. This shows his gratitude towards the pilot of the black plane. He was thankful to him for saving his life. It shows that the pilot of Dakota had a value of gratefulness in his character.