History Talks about a Book that Saved Earth

It is the 25th century. The scene is set at the Museum of Ancient History. The department is that of 20th century. Historian tells the people that  20th century was called the Era of the Book. There were books on everything. They covered all aspects of life. She tells that Martians ( people of Mars) decided to invade Earth in  2040. Everyone was surprised to know that it was a book that saved the Earth. She turns on the projector and shows how it all happened.

Think-Tank Orders the Invasion of Earth

The ruler of Mars, the Mighty Think-Tank is a proud creature whose head is full of himself. He calls Earth  a ridiculous planet. He commands his trainee Noodle to call the space probe that is invading the Earth.

Space Probe Lands in Centerville Public Library

The space probe finds itself in a Centerville Public library. They are puzzled. They are not familiar with books. They do not understand what are those thousands of objects.

Guesses made by Martians about the Books

Sergeant Oop thinks that the books are hats. But Think-Tank calls them sandwiches and orders the crew to eat them. The wise Noodle gently suggests that they may be devices of communication. Think-Tank asks the probe to listen to them. They do not hear anything. Again, Noodle very politely suggests that earthlings watched them. They cannot read the books and come to a conclusion that the printed lines and pictures must be some kind of code.

Think-Tank Commands the Team to Take Vitamins

Think-Tank asks the probe to eat the vitamins given to them. They follow him and are able to read the book. The lines are about Mistress Mary and her garden of cockle shells and silver bells.

Mighty Think-Tank is Alarmed

Think-Tank thinks that the earthlings were very advanced. They grew shells and silver. They had taught animals culture and music. He thought they were about to send cows for an invasion to the moon. He is further terrified when he is sent the picture of the fallen Humpty-Dumpty. He thinks it to be his picture.

Think-Tank Calls Off the Invasion

He cancels the invasion. He asks his probe to leave. He orders his fleet to escape to the star Alpha Centauri and evacuate Mars. He wants to be as far as possible from earthlings.

 Martians and Earthlings are Friends in Twenty Fifth Century

The historian reveals that it was ‘Mother Goose’, a book of rhymes, that saved the Earth. Anyway Noodle succeeded Think-Tank and became the head of Mars. Mars and Earth were now friends. Earthlings had even set up a library in their capital, Marsopolis. Funnily, however Martians could never gather the courage to read the ‘Mother Goose’ book.