Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Why was the duck fascinated by the kangaroo?

Answer : The duck was fascinated by the fact that the kangaroo was able to hop.

Question 2 : What were the Dee and Jelly Bo Lee?

Answer : The Dee and Jelly Bo Lee were imaginary places that the duck wanted to go to.

Question 3 : What was the duck unhappy?

Answer : The duck was unhappy because of his boring life. The duck was also not happy knowing that his life was restricted to the pond.

Question 4 : What appeal did the duck make before the kangaroo?

Answer : The duck appealed to the kangaroo to make him ride on his back and show him the entire world.

Question 5 : Selected a word or a phrase from the poem that describes the socks purchased by the duck.

Answer : “Worsted socks”
“Socks which fit my webbed feet neatly.”

Short Questions

Question 1 : What objection did the kangaroo raise?

Answer : The kangaroo did not mind carrying the duck on his back, but he had an objection. The kangaroo felt that the wet and cold feet of the duck may cause him some problem. The kangaroo feared that he might catch rheumatism.

Question 2 : What solution did the duck offer?

Answer : The duck purchased four pairs of woollen socks and a cloak to keep away the cold. He also decided to daily smoke a cigar. This was the solution that the duck offered to keep away the kangaroo from catching cold or rheumatism.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : The duck and the kangaroo, both seem to represent two important virtues. What are they?

Answer : The duck is fascinated by the kangaroo’s ability to hop from one place to another. The duck is seen to have a very positive and appreciative nature in the poem.

Rather than being jealous of the Kangaroo’s skills, the duck compliments him and is willing to seek his help to be able to enjoy the world.

The Kangaroo, too, is humble in being willing to help the duck and offer him a glimpse of the worth outside the pond.