Short Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1 : How and why did the Duck admire Kangaroo?

Answer : The Duck admired the Kangaroo by praising his hopping skills. He did so because he wanted him to offer a ride on his back so that he might take a round to the world.

Question 2 : Where did the Duck live? What was his conditions there?

Answer : The Duck lived in a nasty pond. He thought that this life was completely boring in that pond and he wished to go out in the world.

Question 3 : What request did the Duck make to the Knagaroo? Why was it so?

Answer : The Duck put the request before the Kangaroo to offer him a ride on his back. He did so because he himself was unable to hop like the Knagaroo.

Question 4 : What was the wish of the Duck for this proposed ride?

Answer : The Duck had wished that if the ride could be possible then he would see some places and he would not irritate the Kangaroo except his saying ‘quack’.

Question 5 : What was the reply of the Kangaroo for the proposal of ride?

Answer : For the proposal of the ride, the Kangaroo told the Duck that he needed some time to think over perhaps the journey may turn out lucky for both of them.

Question 6 : What objection did the Kangaroo put before the Duck?

Answer : The Kangaroo put an objection before the Duck saying that the feet of the Duck remained wet and cold most of the time which might cause cold to the Kangaroo.

Question 7 : What did the Duck think about when he was sitting on the rock?

Answer : When the Duck was sitting on the rock, he was thinking about the wet and cold feet of his which could be an objection to the Kangaroo.

Question 8 : Why did the Duck decide to smoke a cigar?

Answer : As the Kangaroo objected to the cold and wet feet of the Duck so he was in need to keep them warm. Smoking cigar was one of the options through which the Duck could get desired warmth.

Question 9 : Did the Kangaroo accept the Duck’s request? If yes, when did they leave?

Answer : Yes, the Kangaroo accepted the Duck’s request. They starred their journey in the moonlight.

Question 10 : Where was the Duck supposed to sit? Why was it so?

Answer : The Duck was supposed to sit at the end of the tail of the Kangaroo. This was so because it was required to balance the Kangaroo during his hopping.

Question 11 : Whom do you think was the happier – the Duck or the Kangaroo? Explain.

Answer : I think that the Duck was happier because it was his wish to see the world which came true with the help of Kangaroo.

Long Questions (8 Marks)

Question 1 : You would have seem some people flattering others in order to get their work done. Do you think the Duck was doing the same to the Kangaroo?

Answer : Yes, we have seen some people flattering others to get their work done. They do it purposefully with a selfish motive. But in this poem, the Duck is not of that nature. Yes, he had admired the Kangaroo for his ability to hop over the land and water but it was not in the mode of flattering.

It was in the form of request that he made to the Kangaroo. Also, the Duck was much concerned about the good health of the Kangaroo, so he bought some warm clothes. Had he been flattering in nature, he would have not thought about bringing warm clothes. Therefore, we can say that despite Duck’s admiring the Kangaroo, he didn’t have a flattering intention and it was out of the friendly concern.

Question 2 : This poem is a token of the fact that the able person can help the deprived one if he has the intention. In the context of the poem, explain how this was possible.

Answer : Of course, this poem is a token of the fact that the able can help the ones who are deprived if they have that intention. In the poem, the Duck wasn’t able to hop like the Kangaroo and hence was unable to go in the world beyond.

The Kangaroo, being able to hop, was ready to take the Duck for a ride and fulfil its wish. So, is the able ones want to help the deprived ones then there is none that can stop them from doing so. If this could be possible, then whole world will be a paradise and the people would relish living here always. The Kangaroo shows no attitude and readily agrees to take the Duck around the world.