Short Questions and Answers

Question 1 : What did the grandfather of Margie say?

Answer : Margie’s grandfather told her that when he was a child, his grandfather had told him that stories were printed on paper. There were no computers only books used to be there where one could get information.

Question 2 : Why did Tommy call the book ‘a waste’?

Answer : Tommy called the book ‘a waste’ because it was worthless when compared to an e-book. The words were stationary and after reading it once, it had no use at all. The e-book was completely opposite to the printed book.

Question 3 : Why was the County Inspector sent for? What did the County Inspector do at first?

Answer : The County Inspector was sent for because of Margie’s deteriorating performances in geography that worried her mother. The County Inspector gave Margie an apple and took her mechanical teacher apart to set its level as per Margie’s age level or mental level.

Question 4 : What hope did Margie have when her mechanical teacher was taken apart? Did it come true?

Answer : Margie had hoped that the County Inspector would not be able to put the mechanical teacher back in proper order and it would be taken out for some time to be repaired. No, it didn’t come true because he made it all right at the very place there.

Question 5 : What did the County Inspector say to Margie’s mother?

Answer : The County Inspector told Margie’s mother that the geography sector was geared-up a bit and he had adjusted it. He told her that it was not Margie’s fault as the overall pattern of her progress was quite satisfactory.

Question 6 : What was the main reason behind the disappointment of Margie?

Answer : The reason of Margie’s disappointment was her mechanical teacher getting back in good condition which Margie had hoped would not happen. She thought that her teacher would be taken for long as Tommy’s teachers had been taken away some times back.

Question 7 : What kind of a teacher did the old schools have? How did they perform their tasks?

Answer : The old schools had an irregular teacher in the form of a human being. It was not a mechanical teacher. The old school teachers gave the students homework, asked them questions and gave them tests. The teaching used to take place in school building.

Question 8 : Why did Margie not want to dispute?

Answer : Margie did not want to dispute the fact that a teacher in the from of a human being was as good as her mechanical teacher to teach the kids in old days as she has no idea of real teachers as the story is set in future.

Question 9 : For what has the phrase ‘special building’ been used?

Answer : The phrase ‘special building’ has been used for the old kind of schools where all the kids and the teachers came. In this futuristic age Margie’s school is next to her bedroom. She mentions or imagines the school being held in a separate building.

Question 10 : Why was Margie’s mother particular about the regular study hours of kids?

Answer : Margie’s mother was particular about the regular study hours of kids because she believed that children lean better if they do it regularly. There should be no gap between the periods of study.

Question 11 : What dun was there in the old schools?

Answer : In the old schools, all the kids came to a common place laughing and shouting with joy. They learnt the same things and they helped one another with homework. Being together brought lots of fun, coming and going home together.