Once there lived a lazy grasshopper. He didn’t like to work. All day long he sang songs and played in the warm sunshine.

“Hee, Hee! Look at me! I’m as happy as can be!” The grasshopper laughed at the hardworking ants as they worked day and night.
“We are storing grain for the long winter ahead,” they replied. The lazy grasshopper only laughed louder.

Summer ended and the cold winter arrived. The wind blew strong and it started snowing. The grasshopper now began to worry. “There is no food to eat, no grass, no flowers or leaves. I can’t see even the tiniest fly or worm. What will I do? I will surely starve!” he cried. “Let me meet my kind neighbour, the ant!”

The grasshopper remembered how the hardworking ant had stored away grain for the winter. He kocked at her door. “Dear ant, I am hungry and cold. I have nothing to eat. Please can you give my some food?”

The ant shook in anger. “Lazy one! What were you doing all summer? You were only singing and dancing. You should have thought of the cold winter months ahead. Go away!” She slammed her door shut. The lazy grasshopper was left as hungry as before.