Long Questions and Answers

1. In life, people who easily trust others are sometimes made to look foolish. One should not be too trusting. Describe how Oliver Lutkins made a fool of the young lawyer.

 Answer: Oliver Lutkins made a fool of the young lawyer throughout his first visit to the village.  First he introduced himself as Bill at the railway station and assured the lawyer that they would together search for Lutkins.  He told the lawyer that he knew most of the places where Lutkins used to hang out.  In succession, he took the narrator to Fritz, then to the barber’s shop, then Gray’s shop and finally Lutkins’ mother who he called a ‘terrible’.  He deceived the lawyer throughout and also made money by taking the lawyer around. Thus, he was able to make a fool of the lawyer by taking him all over the village without success, as the lawyer did not recognise Lutkins and so did not realise that it was Lutkins himself who was taking him around.

2.  Do you think Lutkins was right in befooling the lawyer and earning money by using unfair means. What precaution should one take to avoid a situation like the one in which the lawyer was placed?

 Answer: Lutkins was not right in befooling the lawyer and earning money by using unfair means. This shows that Lutkins did not care for the law at all. If we are in Lutkins’ place, we should not believe in things as they are seen.

We should judge every action taken by the other person carefully before accepting it. Instead of depending on others, we should carry out our enquiries ourselves. The lawyer was befooled because he let Lutkins do the finding and questioning and did not do anything himself. This resulted in his failure to serve the summons on Lutkins. If we do our duty without being personal and judge everything very carefully, we can get better results. As lawyer did not ask anyone about Lutkins and allowed the hack driver to do the same, he became a victim of  Lutkins’ tricks.  And in result, he made his senior angry who accused him as an irresponsible person. In the same way, we can be treated by our seniors if we are not able to fulfil our duty efficiently.