Letter to Miss Mason from Wanda’s Father

When everybody was praising Wanda’s art and drawings of a hundred dresses drawn by her, a notice from the principal came. Everybody was asked to assemble. Miss Mason announced that she had a letter from Wanda’s father and she would read it loudly before the class.

Miss Mason reads the Letter

Miss Mason read the letter in Which Mr Petronski, Wanda’s father, told about Wanda’s absence and informed that she was leaving the school because she was fed up of all the bullying that was going on. He informed that his family was going to settle in a big city, where people are not going to laugh or tease them for their name which everyone considered funny.

Miss Mason’s Reaction to the Letter

When Miss Mason finished the letter, she understood the manner and asked everyone not to hurt anyone’s feelings due to his or her name. She asked them to think about this matter. As Mr Petronski hadn’t blamed anyone, the students of the class felt ashamed.

Peggy and Maddie’s Reaction

When Miss Mason left the class, everybody was silent feeling ashamed of their behaviour towards Wanda. Though Wanda’s father hadn’t blamed them but Peggy and Maddie were guilty of their behaviour. Maddie was very upset though she never teased Wanda directly. She remained a silent spectator and never stopped Peggy. Peggy who teased Wanda everytime also felt ashamed and both of them decided to go to her home to seek forgiveness.

Repentance of Peggy and Maddie

After the school was over, both Peggy and Maddie went to Wanda’s house at Boggins Heights. Peggy still believed that she hadn’t done any harm but Wanda had taken it otherwise.

Wanda’s house had a worn down look but was neat and lean just like her faded blue dress. But the family had already left.

Maddie was very upset and felt that she would never be able to express her gratitude to Wanda.

A Friendly Letter to Wanda from Peggy and Maddie

Peggy tried to defend herself although she felt sorry for her behaviour. She said if she hadn’t teased Wanda about her hundred dresses, she would not have got such an idea to draw the dresses and won the contest.

But Maddie decided that she would never be silent and oppose others against teasing anyone even if she had to lose her friend. They wrote a letter, telling Wanda about the result of drawing competition. They meant to ask forgiveness for their rude and mean behaviour by doing so.

Wanda’s Reply

Maddie and Peggy waited long for Wanda’s reply to their friendly letter. After a few months, they got the reply addressed to Miss Mason. She asked Miss Mason to give the drawing of the green dress to Peggy and the blue one to Maddie. She told her that she had joined a new school but missed her old school and her teacher.

Maddie ran through thoughts about the events and pinned the dress on her wall. She could see her face in that dress. She ran over to Peggy’s home and they both looked at the green dress with red trimming so that they could see Peggy’s face in it. Maddie started to cry remembering all the insulting statements she passed for Wanda. Peggy consoled her.