Long Answer Type Questions

1.Describe Mr Wonka.

Ans. Mr Willy Wonka was a strange man. He used to make all strange inventions. He had a subordinate called Charlie. There was Oompa-Loompa volunteers on whom he used to carry out the testing of his inventions.

He had an Inventing Room where he carried out all such mysterious works.

He had earlier invented Wonka-Vite that had made people younger to an extent that their ages have gone into minus and they have become invisible.

He then invented Vita-Wonk after collecting ancient items from across the world which could help people grow older.

2.Describe the process of invention of Vita-Wonk.

Ans. Mr Willy Wonka travelled across the globe in his Great Glass Elevator to collect items for Vita-Wonk. He collected samples from some of the oldest living creatures in the world. He mixed these items, boiled and bubbled them several times in his inventing room and then invented a one tiny cupful of an oily black liquid. He tested this on a 20 years old Oompa-Loompa volunteer and within minutes it turned into a 75 years old creature. This was how Vita-Wonk was discovered.