Very Short Questions

Question 1 : How does the kite look in the sky?

Answer : The kite looked bright in the clear blue sky.

Question 2 : When does the kite take rest?

Answer : The kite seems to take rest when the wind falls. It waits for the wind to blow so that it can fly again.

Question 3 : What happens to the thread when it gets loose?

Answer : The master of the kite, who controls it, rolls back the thread when it gets loose.

Question 4 : When does the kite lose its beauty?

Answer : The kite loses its beauty and shine when it gets trapped in the branches of a tree.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Describe the upward movement of a kite.

Answer : A new kite looks very bright in the blue sky. The kite jumps in the air and moves up in the sky. It shakes its tail with a noise. It soars high like a ship in the air. It moves upward in the air as a ship rides in the strong wave of the sea.

Question 2 : What happened when the kite get trapped in a tree?

Answer : The kite looked dull after it was trapped in a tree. It fluttered when its string was caught in the tree branches. The master of the kite could no longer control the kite and its string. The kite could no longer move upward in the air.