Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option.

Question 1 : But the child never forgot. Next time she saw him she quickly put both hands behind her back and a red colour flew into her cheeks.

i) What did the child never forget?

a) Tearing father’s speech
b) Sleeping alone
c) Beating by her father
d) Scolding by her mother

ii) Why did the little girl put behind both hands whenever she saw her father?

a) Sacred
b) To avoid being hit at hands
c) To escape doing work
d) For fun

iii) What will be the similar meaning word from the passage for ‘Blank out’?

a) Saw
b) Flew
c) Forgot
d) Restrained

iv) Why did the little girl’s cheek become red?

a) Due to fear
b) Felt nervous
c) Felt guilty
d) Due to anger

Answer :

i) c) Beating by her father.
ii) b) To avoid being hit at hands
iii) c) Forgot
iv) a) Due to fear

Question 2 : On Sunday afternoon grandmother sent her down to the drawing room to have a ‘nice talk with father and mother’. But the little girl always found mother reading and father stretched out on the sofa, his handkerchief on his face, his feet on one of the best cushions, sleeping soundly and snoring.

i) Why did the grandmother send her down on Sunday?

a) To play
b) To spend time with parents
c) To eat
d) To go to church

ii) What did she notice about her parents?

a) Busy in themselves
b) Eating lunch
c) Sitting in the garden
d) Fighting with each other

iii) Trace an adverb from the passage that means ‘Undisturbed’.

a) Anxiously
b) Nicely
c) Joyfully
d) Soundly

iv) What was the need of the ‘nice talk’ with father and mother?

a) To bring her closer to father
b) To tell them stories
c) To get some money
d) To relax

Answer :

i) b) To spend time with parents
ii) a) Busy in themselves
iii) d) Soundly
iv) a) To bring her closer to father

Question 3 : One day, when she was kept indoors with a cold, her grandfather told her that father’s birthday was next week and suggested she should make them a pin-cushion for a gift out of a beautiful piece of yellow silk.
Laboriously with a double cotton, the little girl stitched three sides.

i) Why was the little girl kept indoors?

a) Had cold
b) As a punishment
c) Due to many guests
d) To make gift

ii) What information did grandmother give to the girl about the next week?

a) Mother’s birthday
b) Grandmother’s 80th birthday
c) Father’s birthday
d) Family picnic

iii) What suggestion was given by grandmother to the little girl?

a) To get friendly with papa
b) Listen to mother
c) Make a birthday gift for father
d) Go out and play

iv) Explain the word ‘laboriously’

a) with full attention
b) back-breaking on very hard work
c) playfully
d) joyfully

Answer :

i) a) Had cold
ii) c) Father’s birthday
iii) c) Make a birthday gift for her father
iv) b) back-breaking or very hard work

Question 4 : Laboriously, with a double cotton, the little girl stitched three sides. But what to fill it with? That was the question. The grandmother was out in the garden and she wandered into mother’s bedroom to look for scraps.

i) What gift the little girl stitch for her father?

a) Silk scarf
b) A pin-cushion
c) Silk dress
d) A toy

ii) What was the question in front of Kezia while preparing pin-cushion?

a) How to stitch it
b) What to fill inside
c) How to pack the gift
d) How to make it soft

iii) Why did she go inside her mother’s room?

a) To seek mother’s advice
b) To get some cotton
c) To get some scraps
d) To meet father

iv) What is the antonym of the word ‘stayed’?

Answer :

i) b) A pin-cushion
ii) b) What to fill inside
iii) c) To get some scraps
iv) c) Wandered

Question  5 : That night there was a hue and cry in the house. Father’s great speech for the Port Authority had been lost. Rooms were searched; servants questioned. Finally mother came into Kezia’s room.

i) Why was there a ‘hue and cry’ in the house that night?

a) Due to robbery
b) The neighbours were fighting
c) Father’s important speech was missing
d) Grandmother had died

ii) Explain the idiom ‘hue and cry’.

a) Loud laughter
b) Loud noise
c) Public protest
d) Protests

iii) Why did mother come to Kezia’s room?

a) To search father’s papers
b) To ask her if she had seen some papers lying on the table
c) To scold Kezia
d) To give her food

iv) What all was done to find out the papers?

a) Servants questioned
b) Rooms searched
c) Kezia was questioned
d) All the shelved were searched

Answer :

i) c) Father’s important speech was missing
ii) b) Loud noise
iii) b) To ask her if she had seem some papers lying on the table
iv) c) Kezia was questioned

Question 6 : “But it was for your b-b-birth day.” Down came the ruler on her little, pink palms. Hours later, when grandmother had wrapped her in a shawl and rocked her in the rocking-chair, the child clung to her softy body. “What did God make fathers for?” She sobbed.

i) Who is speaking these words?

a) Mother
b) Servant’s daughter
c) Kezia
d) Neighbour’s daughter

ii) Who beat Kezia on her hands with a ruler?

a) Kezia’s father
b) Her teacher
c) Kezia’s grandmother
d) Kezia’s mother

iii) Find out the synonym of the word ‘covered’ from the passage.

a) Rocked
b) Hidden
c) Clung
d) Wrapped

iv) To whom did Kezia go to find some comfort?

a) To her governors
b) To mother
c) To grandmother
d) To no one

Answer :

i) c) Kezia
ii) a) Kezia’s father
iii) d) Wrapped
iv) c) To grandmother

Question 7 : But the same old nightmare came – the butcher with a knife and a rope, who came nearer and nearer, smiling that dreadful smile, while she could not move, only stand still, crying out “Grandma! Grandma!” She woke shivering to see father beside her bed, a candle in his hand. “What’s the matter?” he said.

i) Why did Kezia get a nightmare?

a) She was scared
b) Afraid of everyone
c) Mother and grandmother were away
d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

ii) Where was the butcher?

a) In her room
b) In her grandmother’s house
c) In her nightmare
d) In her father’s room

iii) Find a word from the passage that means ‘shaking in fear or due to cold’.

a) Nightmare
b) Butcher
c) Dreadful
d) Shivering

iv) Whom did she find near her bed when she woke up after the nightmare?

a) Her grandmother
b) Her mother
c) Her father
d) No one

Answer :

i) d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’
ii) c) In her nightmare
iii) d) Shivering
iv) c) Her father