Once, there was a little girl named Tara. She lived with her mother. They were very poor.
One day she went to a forest. There she met an old woman. The old woman gave her a pot. She said, “This is a magic pot. It will cook porridge for you when you say, ‘Cook-Pot-Cook’. It will stop making porridge when you say, ‘Stop-Pot-Stop’.”

Tara was very happy. She ran to her mother and said, “Mother, we will no longer be hungry as I have got a magic pot.”
Tara said to the pot, “Cook-Pot-Cook” and the pot cooked porridge. Her mother was very happy and they both ate porridge.

One day, when Tara had gone out, her mother felt hungry. She said to the pot, “Cook-Pot-Cook”. The pot started cooking porridge. After eating it her mother said, “Do not cook Pot.” But the pot went on cooking.

Soon the porridge started spilling on the floor. Mother called out again, “Wait-do not cook anymore.” But the pot did not stop.

Mother ran out of the house and the porridge followed her. Soon there was porridge everywhere. The whole village saw it. They ran to eat the porridge.

When Tara came back, she saw that the road was full of porridge. She ran back as fast as she could. She heard her mother shout, “Tara the pot is cooking and it will not stop.”

Tara called out, “Stop-Pot-Stop” and it stopped cooking porridge.