The Merchant of Venice Act 3 Scene 1 ICSE Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Shylock : How now, Tubal! what news from Genoa? hast thou found daughter?

Tubal     : I often came where I did hear of her, but cannot find her.

(i) Who is Tubal? What has been said about him a little earlier in the scene?

Answer : Tubal is a close friend of Shylock and also a wealthy Jew like him. Earlier in the scene, Salanio saw him coming and commented that none could another Jew like the two Jews i.e., Shylock and Tubal, unless the devil himself turned into a Jew. It means that both were the worst kind of people.

(ii) What does Shylock say in response to Tubal’s words : ‘but I cannot find her’?

Answer : Shylock’s daughter had eloped with Lorenzo, taking her father’s ducats and jewels. Tubal comes and tells him that she was in Genoa and he had heard of her at other places also, but was not able to trace her. Shylock also learns about how she is spending his money. Shylock says that he would prefer her to be dead at his feet with his money and jewels.

(iii) What instructions does Shylock give to Tubal at the end of their meeting?

Answer : Shylock is delighted to hear that Antonio’s ships have been wrecked. He knows that Antonio’s money had been hugely invested in his ventures. Therefore, he would not be able to meet the bond. He wants Tubal to arrange for a lawyer at the earliest. He wants the lawyer to prepare beforehand so that he can have his revenge on Antonio.

(iv) What is your impression of Shylock as a father? Give reasons to justify your answer.

Answer : Shylock appears to a tyrant father. He would not allow his daughter to be married to a Christian . He was very devilish and when she eloped, wished that it would be better if she was dead at his feet with all his money and jewels.

(v) What information does Tubal now give to Shylock concerning Antonio? State what Shylock tells Tubal expressing his reaction to what the latter has said.

Answer : Tubal informs Shylock that he is not the only one having bad fortune. He has heard of Antonio’s ships getting wrecked in the sea. Shylock gets happy hearing this. He says that he will now plague Antonio and also torture him.