Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Why did the crocodile come near the bank of the river?

Answer : The crocodile came near the bank of the river in search of food for him and his wife.

Question 2 : How did the monkey react to the crocodile’s invitation?

Answer : The monkey completely trusted the crocodile and agreed to visit his home. He was not a swimmer so rode on the crocodile’s back.

Question 3 : Why the crocodile shout at his wife?

Answer : The crocodile shouted at his wife because she wanted to eat the heart of the monkey.

Question 4 : Where did the crocodile reveal the truth to the monkey?

Answer : The crocodile revealed the truth that he has brought the monkey to get killed in the middle of the river, where the current was the strongest.

Question 5 : What happened after the monkey came to know that his life was in danger?

Answer : The monkey kept cool and persuaded the crocodile to swim back to the tree after he came to know that his life was in danger.

Short Questions

Question 1 : How did the crocodile and the monkey become best friends?

Answer : The crocodile visited the monkey frequently and ate fruits with him. The crocodile took some fruits to his home for his wife.

They talked about many things and their bonding resulted into friendship.

Question 2 : Who was in a serious dilemma? Give reasons behind it.

Answer : The crocodile was in a serious dilemma because his wife wanted to eat the heart of his best friend. He was not able to decide what to do. He loved his wife and was very fond of his friend too. He did not want to kill his friend so he was confused.

Long Questions

Question 1 : Why did the monkey decide to discontinue his friendship with the crocodile?

Answer : The monkey was deceived by his friend, the crocodile, so he decided to discontinue his friendship with him. The crocodile invited the monkey for a meal to his home. The monkey agreed, but the crocodile told him in the middle of the river that his wife wanted to eat his heart. The monkey was scared, but kept cool.

The monkey said he was ready to meet the demand, but as he has left his heart on the tree.

The foolish crocodile turned back and reached the tree on the river bank. The monkey jumped on the tree and saved his life. He broke his friendship with the selfish crocodile.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Do you think the crocodile took the right decision to kill the monkey? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer : No, the crocodile took the wrong decision when he decided to be on the side of his wife. He decided to kill the monkey just because she was his life-partner and wanted to eat his heart. The crocodile was aware that it was a sin to betray a friend, but he was ready to commit a crime for his wife.

The crocodile could have discussed the issue with his wife and made her realise the importance of friendship in one’s life before taking the extreme step. The crocodile lost his friend forever after the incident.