Once upon a time, there lived a donkey named Goopu. He had worked for many years in the house of a farmer. He had carried many heavy sacks of corn and sugarcane, from the farm to the factory. He was now very tired and old.

The farmer said to Goopu, “You’re a good donkey. Take this sack of corn and go and see the world, before you become too old.”
Goopu smiled and said goodbye. He set off towards the city of Mumbai.
“I am good at music. I will go to Mumbai and be a musician there.”

On the way he met a dog.

“Where are you going?” asked Doopu.
“I am going to Mumabi to be a musician. Would you like to come too?” asked Goopu.
“Yes, I would,” replied Doopu.

Off went the two friends on the dusty road to Mumbai.
They saw a ball of fur in the middle of the road.
“Who are you?” they asked.
“I am Furry, the cat,” said the cat.
“Would you like to come with us to become a musician?” asked Goopu and Doopu together.
“Oh! I would love to come along,” replied Furry.

So off went the three together to become Mumbai Musicians.

Soon they met Cuckoo, the cock. “I love music and wish to join your band.”
They all reached a house with a light. They were tired and hungry. They peeped in through the window and saw a table with delicious food. They decided to sing to let the people inside know that they were musicians.

They sang. The people inside thought that ghosts had come to scare them. They ran away as fast as they could!

Goopu, Doopu and Furry went intot the house and ate the food, till they could eat no more.