Long Questions and Answers

1. Mme Loisel’s disposition invites her doom.  Comment in the context of the text you have read.

Answer: Mme Loisel belongs to a family of clerks. Her existence is quite average. They live on meagre income, enough for basic needs but not to fulfil aspirations. She gets married to a clerk and is so caught up with her dreams of wealth and pleasure that she is out of touch with the truths of her real life.  In order to keep up appearances and just to flatter her pride, she borrows four hundred francs on a gorgeous dress.  And , not contended, she goes on borrowing a necklace from her friend and all of this is just to impress the wealthy  and the rich with her beauty and glamour (even if on loan). No doubt, her pride is flattered and her wish of fine dining, expensive dresses, jewels satisfied but at a great price.

Unfortunately, the necklace is lost and the couple has to cough up their entire inheritance and borrow as well to replace it.  Repayment of the debt eats away the next ten years of their youth.  They leave poor.  All the household chores and cares of a life of poverty visit them. Hence, her disposition invites her doom.

2.  Mme Forestier proved to be a true friend. Elucidate.

Answer: Mme Forestier turns out to be an interesting character. She plays a very vital role in the story as a friend to Matilda, we find her to be really genuine as she helps Matilda in the hour of her need.  Mme Loisel needs to borrow jewels, she turns to Mme Forestier.  Mme Forestier does not refuse. Displaying her generosity, she opens up the entire array (arrangement) of her jewels for Matilda to choose from. Also, she is considerate when Loisel delayed the return of the necklace.  Surprisingly at the end of the story, she concludes the entire narrative.

Without even a moment’s hesitation, she reveals to Matilda that her necklace was just a fake.  She is not at all worried in the light of the fact that she may have to return the necklace.  It shows her honesty. Rather, she like a true friend, feels bad for Matilda at her unnecessary suffering. We find her sympathising with Mme Loisel.  She is a gem of a friend.