Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Who was Ray?

Answer : Ray was the owner of an old-clock shop in USA. He was deaf and a kind-hearted man. He communicated with his customers by writing on a notepad.

Question 2 : Who came to Ray’s shop after he finished his work?

Answer : Two last-minute shoppers came to Ray’s shop after he finished working on a clock and about to close the shop.

Question 3 : Why did the older man smile for the first time?

Answer : The man smiled for the first time because Ray wrote on his notepad whether he can help him. Both of them knew why he and his friend came to the shop.

Question 4 : Why did the older man take out his wrist watch?

Answer : The older man seemed to feel a little easier and took out his wrist watch to exchange it for money.

Question 5 : When did Ray get angry?

Answer : Ray felt guilty when the visitor kept one of his hands restlessly in his right coat-pocket. He felt that the man had a gun.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Describe the appearance of the two men who came to Ray’s shop?

Answer : The last-minute shoppers were looking in dire need of money. One appeared to be in his twenties while the other was close to fifty.

The younger man stayed at the door while the older man came in with a sign of friendliness in his eyes.

Question 2 : What role the notepad played between the older man and Ray?

Answer : The notepad played an important role between the older man and Ray. Ray was deaf so he communicated by writing message on his notepad. The older man also replied to Ray by writing answers and queries on the notepad.

Long Questions

Question 1 : How did Ray manage to please the two last-minute shoppers?

Answer : Ray was able to hide his fear after noticing the last-minute shoppers. He understood that they were unfriendly and carrying a gun. Ray knew that they were in dire need of money and could do anything to get money. Ray kept his cool and acted patiently.

He started interaction with the older man by writing messages on his notepad. He was ready to help him. Ray read their evil minds and knew why the older man entered the shop and the younger stayed at the door.

Ray gave him a fifty-dollar note in exchange of an ordinary wrist watch. The older man became happy as he knew the amount is much higher than the cost of the watch.

Value Based Questions

Question 1  : How did clocks give a timeless message by striking together?

Answer : The clocks in the shop gave a message of humanity by striking together at the midnight. Their sweet musical message was filled with hope and joy. No matter how evil a mind is, it can be changed with kindness and love.

The two men came to the shop with an intention to rob the shopkeeper that night as they were in dire need of money.

The shopkeeper understood their motive but behaved in a gentle way. Ray’s warm behaviour changed their evil mind and they took a fifty-dollar note and went away peacefully. The message of peace and goodwill towards all was felt by three men in the old-clock shop