Very Short Questions

Question 1 : What doubts Framton Nuttle have about meeting strangers?

Answer : Framton Nuttle doubted if formal visits to meet a series of strangers would be of any help in curing his nerve problems.

Question 2 : When was Framton’s sister living in the countryside or in the rural area?

Answer : Around four years ago, Framton’s sister had come to live in these rural areas where Framton had come looking for a cure for his nerves.

Question 3 : Why was it unusual for the window to be open on an October afternoon?

Answer : October afternoons were warm times of the year and it was therefore, unusual to have the window open during this time of the day.

Question 4 : What was the first clue that Vera uses to narrate such a story to Framton?

Answer : On getting to know that Framton didn’t know many people and hardly knew anything about her aunt, Vera uses the opportunity to create a story to fool Framton and have fun at his expense.

Question 5 : What does Vera say about Framton and the dogs?

Answer : Vera explains to her aunt and others that Framton had once been hunted somewhere on the banks of the Ganges by a pack of dogs and was therefore, terribly scared of dogs.

Question 6 : How closely did Framton knew Mrs Sappleton?

Answer : Framton hardly knew anything about Mrs Sappleton. He only knew her name and address. He didn’t even know whether she was in the married or widowed state.

Question 7 : What expression did Framton see on Vera’s face that made Framton uncomfortable?

Answer : Framton saw an expression of dazed horror on Vera’s face. This made him uncomfortable and he swung around in his seat and looked in the same direction.

Question 8 : What was the doctor’s recommendation to Framton?

Answer : The doctor had ordered Framton complete rest, an absence of mental excitement and avoidance of any laborious physical exercises.

Short Questions

Question 1 : What questions did Vera pose to Framton before beginning with her story?

Answer : Breaking the silence between the two , Vera asked Framton if he knew many people round there.

When Framton replied in the negative, she pursued him to answer her second question, whether he knew much about her aunt.

Having attained answers to these two questions, she started telling him the story of her aunt.

Question 2 : What details did Vera give about her aunt’s husband and brother’s shooting expedition on that fateful day?

Answer : Vera tells Framton that three years ago, her aunt’s husband and brothers left for their favourite shooting ground.

It was a dreadful summer and places that were safe in other years became unsafe without anybody knowing. They came across a treacherous bog, which engulfed them and their bodies were never recovered.

Question 3 : What emotions did Vera display while telling the story? How did that help her?

Answer : While telling her aunt’s tragic story , her self-possessed demeanour gave way to a very piteous tone for the grief her aunt had experienced.

She also broke into a shudder while sharing with Framton her fear that she thought that those people may return any time. Her emotions made the story appear authentic.

Question 4 : Does Mrs Sappleton talk about her husband and brothers on purpose?

Answer : No, Mrs Sappleton didn’t talk about her husband and brothers on purpose. She was talking about them in a very routine manner. Perhaps, going for shooting and coming back all muddy through the window was a regular feature. Since, it was time for them to return, she was waiting for them.

Long Questions

Question 1 : What details did Vera share about the group which made it easier for Framton to recognise the three figures in the dark?

Answer : Framton was able to identify the three figures in the dark as Mrs Sappleton’s husband and two brothers on the basis of details furnished by Vera.

He saw that all three men were carrying guns; one of them was additionally carrying a white coat. Beside this, he saw a tired brown spaniel and could hear one of the men singing “Bertie, why do you bound?” All these details were supplied by Vera.

Question 2 : Do you think that the tragic story Vera told about Mrs Sappleton was true? How do we get to know?

Answer : No, the tragic story Vera told about Mrs Sappleton was not true. Mrs Sappleton’s husband and brothers were not engulfed by the bog and were not dead.

In the end when Mrs Sappleton’s husband and brothers were heading towards the house, Framton runs away with fear.

Believing the story to be true, for him, he was seeing ghosts walking. Knowing well the reason for Framton’s fear, Vera withholds the truth and tells them that he was afraid of dogs.

Question 3 : If the story was not true, what makes the story so real for Framton?

Answer : Vera had created the story using details from regular and routine events. She knew that her aunt’s husband and brothers came back from shooting through the window.

She also had access to details like what they were wearing and what their temperaments were. She used these real facts and twisted them to create a sense which made Framton feel that dead people were walking towards the window. Therefore, her story thouogh not true appeared real and believeable.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Is it right to have fun at someone else’s expense? Was Vera right in doing what she did?

Answer : Fun, at times, can be had at someone else’s expense. We often play pranks on others. However, there is a very thin line between being right or wrong in such cases. Vera was not justified in doing what she did, though perhaps she did it in complete ignorance.

Framton was already a patient of nerves. He was undergoing treatment and had come for a rural retreat to derive some comfort. Vera’s story/prank would have added to his disturbed state of nerves.