Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option.

Question 1 : What are you talking about? Oxen Meadows areĀ  ours, not yours?

i) Who is the speaker in the given extract?

a) Stevan Chubukov

b) Natalya

c) Ivan Lomov

d) Anton Chekov

ii) ‘Who’ is being referred to by ‘yours’?

a) Anton Chekov

b) Steval Chubukov

c) Ivan Lomov

d) Natalya

iii) What does Natalya claim to own?

a) Oxen meadows

b) Chubukov house

c) Birchwoods

d) Burnt Marsh

iv) ……..in the extract means ‘a piece of grassland’.

a) Oxen

b) Birchwood

c) Burnt Marsh

d) Meadows

Answer : i) b) Natalya

ii) c) Ivan Lomov

iii) a) Oxen meadows

iv) d) Meadows

Question 2 : Hear me out, I implore you! The peasants of your father’s grandfather, as I have already had the honour of explaining to you, used to bake bricks for my aunt’s grandmother. Now my aunt’s grandmother, wishing to make them a peasant……

i) Who is the speaker in the above extract?

a) Natalya

b) chubukov

c) Lomov

d) Chekov

iii) What did the peasants do?

a) baked bricks for grandmother of Lomov’s Aunt

b) Cooked food for Natalya

c) Did farming for Chubukov

d) Grew tea for Lomov

iii) Which word in the extract can be replaced by ‘high respect’?

a) Implore

b) Peasants

c) Bake

d) Honour

iv) …………..in the extract means ‘to ask something in a very serious way’.

a) Honour

b) Implore

c) Bricks

d) Bake

Answer : i) c) Lomov

ii) a) baked bricks for grandmother of Lomov’s Aunt

iii) d) Honour

iv) b) Implore