Lomov at Chubukov’s House

The play begins with the scene stet in Chubukov’s house. Lomov comes there and meets Chubukov. Chubukov is extremely happy to meet him. He asks him to sit down and also enquires why he was wearing an evening dress.

Lomov tells him that he has come there with a purpose. He tells him that he wants to request him about something. Suddenly he gets excited. Chubukov feels that he must have come to borrow money from him. Lomov starts to speak and talks about random things. Finally, he tells Chubukov that he has come there to ask for Natalya’s hand. Chubukov gets excited at hearing this.

Chubukov’s Reaction to the Proposal

Chubukov gets so happy that he starts to behave idiotically. He hugs Lomov and kisses him. Lomov tells Chubukov he wants his consent for the marriage. Chubukov tells him that he was always hoping that he would come to ask for Natalya’s hand.

Lomov Thinks About Natalya and his Life

Lomov starts trembling due to overexcitement. He says that if he would have looked for a perfect partner he would have never got one and would have remained unmarried. He feels that Natalya is a good housekeeper. He says that she is not bad-looking and is very well educated. He feels he is already too old to get married and now he should lead a quiet and regular life. He starts to jump like a mad person.

Talk Between Lomov and Natalya

Natalya comes and asks Lomov why he had not come there for a long tie. She informs Lomov about the harvest. She asks him why he was dressed in an evening dress and enquired if he was going to a ball.

Before Lomov told Natalya his purpose for the visit, they were off the point. He starts telling her that he has known his family for a very long time. He also tells her how he inherited his land and how he respects her father. He tells Natalya that his Oxen Meadows touch Natalya’s Birchwood. On hearing this, Natalya says that the Oxen Meadows are theirs.

Argument Regarding Land Ownership

Natalya get serious and tells him that Oxen Meadows do not belong to him. They actually belong to them. Lomov clarifies that he is talking about the Oxen Meadows that are between her Birchwood and Burnt marsh. Natalya insists that they are theirs. Lomov refuses it. He tells her that his aunt’s grandmother gave those meadows to her father’s grandfather. The peasants used the land for forty years.

Argument Continues Between Natalya and Lomov

Natalya refuses and sticks on her point that those Meadows are theirs. Lomov on the other hand says that he has the documents to prove that it is his land. Natalya tells him that they had that land for nearly 300 years.

Both of them continue fighting over the ownership of the land. Lomov offers to make a present of them to Natalya. She also says that she can make a present of them to him. They start shouting at each other.

Chubukov takes Natalya’s Side

Chubukov also enters the room. Natalya asks him to tell Lomov that the Oxen Meadows are owned by them. Chubukov also supports Natalya and regards the meadows as theirs. Lomov refuses. Chubukov says that by shouting Lomov cannot prove that the Oxen Meadows are owned by him.

Chubukov accuses Lomov by saying that he cannot talk to him so disrespectfully as he is twice of his age. Lomoc says that he is calling his land as his and wants him to speak to him politely. He calls Chubukov a land grabber.

Lomov threatens that he would take Chubukov to the court. A lot of abuses are exchanged between them. Chubukov says that Lomov’s grandfather was a drunkard. His younger aunt Nastasya ran away with an architect. Lomov felt that he was dying so he could not say anything at that time. Natalya also calls Lomov a rascal. Chubukov calls him a villain and a scarecrow. He also calls him a monster who has the courage to propose.

Chubukov Tells Natalya the Purpose of Lomov’s Visit

As soon as Lomov leaves their home, Chubukov tells Natalya that he came to propose her. Hearing the word ‘propose’ , Natalya enquires him. Chubukov tells her that Lomov had come there to propose Natalya for marriage. Hearing this, Natalya starts crying. She asks Chubukov to bring Lomov back at once.

Fight Over the Dogs

Lomov enters again. Natalya begs to be excused. They shift their talks to the dogs as Natalya tells him that the Oxen Meadows are his. They now talk about the dogs. Lomov tells Natalya  that his best dog cost him 125 roubles. Natalya says that it is too much. She tells him that her father had given just 85 roubles for the Squeezer (her dog). She says that Squuzer is better than his dog. Lomov refuses and says hat his lower jaw is shorter than his upper jaw. Natalya says that Squeezer is one of the finest pedigree. They both continue fighting over the breed of their dogs. Chubukov enters ad enquires about the matter. Chubukov also says that Lomov’s dog is old and short.

Lomov Drops to the Ground

Lomov suddenly falls. Natalya asks her father what has happened to him. Chubukov thinks that he has difficulty in breathing. Natalya feels Lomov is dead. Chubukov then calls for water as well as a doctor.

Chubukov Asks Lomov to Marry Natalya

Chubukov seems helpless. He starts accusing himself. He asks for a knife and a pistol. He calls himself the most unhappy of men. He calls himself the most unhappy man. Lomov starts reviving. Lomov says that he sees stars. he asks where he is.  Chubukov says that he should hurry up and marry Natalya. He also tells him that she is willing to marry him. Natalya becomes extremely happy on hearing this. Chubukov also feels happy and offers some champagne for this occasion.