Very Short Answer Type Questions

1.What does the rebel do when everybody talks during the lessons?

Ans. When everybody talks during the lessons, the rebel becomes absolutely silent.

2.Why does the rebel choose to wear fantastic clothes?

Ans. When the rebel sees everybody dressed in uniform, the rebel chooses to wear fantastic clothes

3.Are the rebels rain lovers?

Ans. The rebels become rain lovers when they realise that the others are enjoying the sun.

Short Answer Type Questions

1.Why do rebels always contradict the others?

Ans. The rebels always contradict others because they wish to stand out be different and stand out from the rest of the crowd. They wish to retain their voice and preferences as well as opinions rather than blindly following the crowd.

2.Why does the society disapprove of the rebels?

Ans. The rebels do not conform to the standard decisions and choices made by the society at large. They have their own opinions, unique thinking, are different and at times even go to the extent to contradicting others merely to highlight themselves as unique.