Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Question 1 : Gautama Buddha (563 BC  – 483 BC) began life as a prince named Siddhartha Gautama, in Northern India. At twelve, he was sent away for schooling in the Hindu sacred scriptures and four years later he returned home to marry a princess. They had a son and lived for ten years as befitted royalty.

i) Who was Gautama Buddha?

a) A prince

b) A Peasant

c) A trader

d) A robber

ii) What did Gautama Buddha study?

a) The Bible

b) The Quaran

c) The Hindu sacred scriptures

d) Buddhism

iii) When did Gautama Buddha marry?

a) At the age of twelve years

b) At the age of sixteen years

c) At the age of eighteen years

d) At the age of twenty years

iv) ………………in the extract means ‘people of the royal family’

a) Prince

b) Scared

c) Befitted

d) Royalty

Answer : i) a) A prince

ii) c) The Hindu scared scriptures

iii) b) At the age of sixteen years

iv) d) Royalty

Question 2 : At about the age of twenty-five, the Prince, heretofore shielded from the sufferings of the world, while out hunting chanced upon a sick man, then an aged man, then a funeral procession , and finally a monk begging for alms. These sights so moved  him that he at once went out into the world to seek enlightenment concerning the sorrows he had witnessed.

i) What did Gautama Buddha witness while hunting?

a) Sufferings of the people in various forms

b) Joy of the life outside palace

c) Beauty of nature

d) The pleasure of hunting

ii) What did Buddha finally see?

a) A sick man

b) An aged man

c) A funeral procession

d) A monk begging for alms

iii) What impact did all these sights had on Buddha?

a) He went to seek enlightenment?

b) He renounced the life

c) He became very indifferent

d) He conquered the world

iv) …………… in the extract means ‘a state of high spiritual knowledge’.

a) Shielded

b) Sufferings

c) Enlightenment

d) Procession

Answer : i) a) Sufferings of the people in various forms

ii) d) A monk begging for alms

iii) a) He went to seek enlightenment

iv) c) Enlightenment