Short Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1 : What was the snake trying to do?

Answer : The snake was lying comfortably enjoying the sunrays. Somebody tried to disturb him with a stick. The snake was trying to escape the pursuing stick by trying to curve his thin long body.

Question 2 : How did the snake avoid getting hurt?

Answer : The snake avoided getting hurt by the gracious moves of its long thin body. It entered the water ang glided away escaping the stick.

Question 3 : How did the poet describe the movement of the snake?

Answer : The poet described the movement of the snake, by calling it graceful and beautiful. Its movements captivate the poet’s attention as it glides through the water to hide itself and disappear into reeds.

Question 4 : How can it be said that the snake was harmless?

Answer : “The snake was harmless even to the children” gives the idea that snake was harmless. Also, a green snake is not venomous and hence not harmful. A snake does not bite any one unless disturbed by someone.

Question 5 : What does the poet appeal to the readers?

Answer : The poet does not consider the snake very harmful and dangerous. According to the poet we should be sympathetic to the snake and should not disturb him unnecessarily.

Long Questions (8 Marks)

Question 1 : The poet has expressed his emotions and his love for the snake. Love is natural and understandable. Hoe do you see love to be essential for all living beings?

Answer : Of course, love is just natural and easily understandable . We must understand that it is a godly thing and should abide ourselves with it. The poet has shown his love and emotions for the snake in the poem and this is a token of the fact that the ordinary human beings should also show the same tendency. Love is eternal and universal. It can never be ignored. All the living beings are connected to one another with the common language of love. It spreads peace and harmony all around and promotes brotherhood. This is such a pious trait that everybody should have it. Hence, love is an essential part of our lives and it should always be promoted.