Very Short Answer Type Questions

1.What is being compared to a gray overcoat?

Ans. The squirrel’s body is being compared to a gray overcoat.

2.Discuss the posture of the squirrel as discussed in line 3 of the poem.

Ans. The squirrel ‘sat up straight’ to eat a nut. Else, the squirrel usually sits and runs with a bent back.

3.What did the squirrel do if someone came too close to his tree?

Ans. The squirrel would run away in the opposite direction if someone came too close to his tree.

Short Answer Type Questions

1.Having observed the squirrels around us, can we say that a squirrel is a fast paced animal?

Ans. Yes, based on our observation of the squirrels around us, we can say that a squirrel is a fast paced animal. We rarely come across squirrels sitting still, except when they are biting into the nuts. Usually we see the squirrels running from one place to another with great energy.

2.What does the poem say about the poet’s choice of subject?

Ans. The poem is a reflection of the poet’s desire to compose poetry on most mundane elements that we come across in our day to day surrounding. A squirrel is the most commonly found animal that we see around us. Yet, very few of us would have thought of it as a potent subject matter for a writer’s pen. The poet very simplistically discusses the various aspects of the squirrel, which each one of us must have observed closely.