Long Answer Type Questions

  1. During the 1760 and 1770s, it became common to pitch the ball through the air. What changes it brought in to the game of cricket?

Ans. Following the above mentioned trend, one immediate change was the replacement of the curved bats by the straight ones. The bowlers got the options of length, deception through air and increased pace because of this. It opened new possibilities for spin and swing bowling. In response to tricks applied by the bowlers, the batsmen had to improve their tìmings and shot selection.

  1. Explain elaborately India’s dominance in the world cricket today.

Ans. India has the largest viewership for the game of cricket among all the test playing nations. It is also the largest market in the cricketing world. It has made the centre of gravity to shift towards South Asia from the country it originated.

The ICC headquarters too were shifted from London to Dubai where it is tax-free. The Indian cricket players are the best paid in the international cricket. They are famous and have got millions of supporters.