1. Why is it important to climb the ‘summit within’?

Ans. According to the author, just like physical mountains have lessons to teach, similarly the mountain peaks within have lessons to teach too.

They teach us life changing and everlasting experiences. Both the climbs are equally difficult, but once attained they change us forever.

They enable us to become more humble, gentler and more grateful and also help us to get closer to God. These lessons also instil us to face life’s challenges with great confidence.

2. Describe the scene that offers delight to the author as he reached the top of the Everest.

Ans. From the summit, the author could see other silvery peaks, which gave him a lot of pleasure, He could also see other peaks through the clouds giving the eye glimpses of great picturesque beauty. the sun rays created an illusion of a jewelled necklace around the neck of the summit. A little below the mountains were various sloping valleys that added to the beauty of the place. Also, as one looked down, it appeared as if the ultimate worship to God was being offered.

Value Based Questions and Answers

1. Discuss the importance of the records left by famous climbers.

Ans. The records left by famous climbers primarily discuss and share their experiences and difficulties at having made it to the top. These records equip the future climbers with knowledge to deal with similar difficulties and overcome those obstacles.

These records are also stories of inspiration. They inspire the future climbers to not abandon their climb midway, nor get depresses because of the difficulties.

they, on the other hand, are enthused with optimism on remembering these stories.

2. Discuss the significance of leaving religious or spiritual symbols on mountain tops.

Ans. Firstly, leaving the picture or symbols of God on the mountain top is a way of expressing gratitude for having attained that point and being safe and hearty. The author also discusses how reaching the mountain top is symbolic of attaining God; this act makes attaining God on reaching the top literally and metaphorically true.