1. Discuss the significance of the geography lesson.

Ans.  Tilly’s geography lesson played a crucial role in saving the lives of a number of people. Tilly had already seen the video of the sea during a 1946 tsunami that had struck the Hawaiian islands.

Therefore, she was aware of the strangeness of the sea on that morning. She used that knowledge to warn her family and the tourists who were present on the Phuket beach when the tsunami struck that area.

2. Discuss the stories of the tsunami victims as narratives of pain and suffering.

Ans.  The chapter is packed with the narratives of pain and suffering. The suddenness of the natural calamity, the unawareness of its symptoms, the panic created by the giant waves leads to innumerable people losing their lives. every family had lost one or more of its family members. They had also lost their houses and property to the waves. What was left after tsunami was mourning for the deaths of their near and dear ones and for the loss of their houses.

Value Based Question

Tilly’s story had some important messages attached to it. What were they?

Ans.  Tilly’s story had many important messages attached to it.

(i) It is important that students are taught such lessons which give them knowledge about their immediate environment.

(ii) Tilly not just learnt about tsunami in the geography lesson, but also applied her knowledge and with her presence of mind saved many lives.

(iii) Tilly could have shared his geography lesson with her parents and sister, thereby increasing the number of aware people and therefore quickening the rescue works.