Very Short Questions and Answers

1. How many times did Meghna see the relief helicopters?

Ans.  Meghna saw the relief helicopters at least eleven times, but the rescue team did not see her even once.

2. To which place had Tilly and her family travelled to celebrate Christmas ?

Ans.  Tilly and her family had come from South East England to Phuket beach in Thailand to celebrate Christmas.

3. How did Tilly become aware of the upcoming calamity?

Ans.  Tilly had become aware of the upcoming calamity because of a video that she had seen in her geography class.

4. Where was Ignesious working ?

Ans. Ignesious worked in a co-operative society in Katchall group of Nicobar islands.

5. In which school did Almas Javed study?

Ans. Almas Javed was a student of Carmel Convent School in Port Blair.

6. How old was Tilly Smith and her sister ?

Ans. Tilly Smith was 10 years old and her younger sister was seven.

7. List the survivors of the Ignesious family.

Ans. Ignesious and his three children who accompanied him survived the tsunami. His other two children and his wife and wife’s father and brother were probably dead.

8. For whom did Sanjeev risk his life ?

Ans. Sanjeev risked his life for the sake of guesthouse cook’s wife.

9. During the tsunami, what was common between the Indian and the other stories from other parts of the globe ?

Ans. Death, destruction and devastation were the common features between the stories from India and elsewhere during the tsunami.

Short Questions and Answers

1. How was the fate of other tourists different from the tourists who were present on the Phuket beach?

Ans.  The fate of the other tourists was very different from that of the tourists present at the Phuket beach. The tourists on the beach had been forewarned by Tilly’s screaming and shouting.

Along with Tilly’s family, they too left the beach. The other tourists, however lost their entire families. They were swept away by enormous waves.

2. Why does Almas Javed refuse to talk about the incident ?

Ans. Almas Javed lost her grandfather, father, mother and aunts in the tsunami.

She refused to talk about the incident because she was in a state of shock and traumatised because of the intensity of loss.

3. Who all lived in the Yala National Park ?

Ans.   The Yala National Park in Sri Lanka was home to a variety of animals and more than 130 species of birds.

Elephants, dogs, goats, water buffaloes, flamingoes and various other animals and birds lived in the National Park which also had a good number of visitors.

4. Who was responsible for the deaths of Almas Javed’s father and grandfather ?

Ans.  In their attempt to rush out of the house and save  themselves from the waves, Almas’s grandfather hit his head against something and fell on the ground.

Alams’s father came to his father’s rescue, but it was too late to do something to save their lives. They were not initially swept by the waves, but the chaos and panic create by giant waves was responsible for their deaths.