Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Why did the poet say that “English is a wonderful game”?

Answer : English is a wonderful game because we can play with words and frame them in such a way as to convey desired messages.

Question 2 : Who can liberate thoughts from our minds?

Answer : Words can liberate thoughts from our mind. Thoughts and ideas are being held captive in our mind.

Question 3 : What has not been said yet according to the poem?

Answer : Many lovely things have not been said yet and they need to be conveyed in a beautiful way.

Question 4 : Where can we find a new surprise?

Answer : We can find a marvelous new surprise in our mind.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Do you think words are the food and dress of thought? Give a reason to support your answer.

Answer : Yes, words are the food and dress of our thoughts because without them thoughts have no identity and meaning.

Only words can express our feelings which we can convey to others. Thoughts will remain captive in mind in the absence of words.

Question 2 : What does the poet say about human thoughts?

Answer : The poet says that one must not let his thoughts die if he does not know how to express them. One should always express his thoughts with the help of appropriate words.

One should always convey his feelings clearly and truly without least hesitation.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Justify the title ‘The Wonderful Words’.

Answer : The title of the poem is justifiable because the poet has given the importance of words which are vital in order to convey messages or thoughts. They are the best means to express thoughts and to take out them from our mind. In order to convey though in a beautiful way there is a need to look for proper and accurate words. Thousands of thoughts which are imprisoned in the mind can find way only through the magic of language. Hence, they are wonderful, amazing.