Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Why was Penny proud of his son?

Answer : Penny was proud of his son for keeping calm in a difficult situation.

Question 2 : Penny Baxter was worried about how they would feel the fawn. What does Jody suggest?

Answer : Jody suggests that since he was now a grown up boy, his share of milk could be given to the fawn.

Also, the fawn would soon start eating leaves and acorns, so nothing much would be required to raise him.

Question 3 : Were Doc Wilson and Mill-wheel supportive of Jody’s decision?

Answer : Yes, both Doc Wilson and Mill-wheel were supportive of Jody’s decision to bring the fawn back home.
Mill-wheel even offered help in giving Jody a ride till the location.

Question 4 : How does Jody manage to find his direction in the forest?

Answer : Jody manages to find his direction by looking at the tall pines. They acted like a compass and helped in finding direction.

Question 5 : What were buzzards doing in the scrub?

Answer : The buzzards were scavenging animals. They were eating the flesh of the dead doe’s carcass.

Question 6 : In which way does Jody manage to get rid of the buzzards?

Answer : As the buzzards came towards Jody, flapping their wings, Jody threw a bough at them and they flew into adjacent trees.

Question 7 : What makes Jody come down on all fours?

Answer : Jody came down on all fours to study the small hoof prints of the baby doe in the sand.

Question 8 : Why was Jody afraid of carrying the fawn through the clearing?

Answer : Jody was afraid that the fawn might see or smell the carcass of the doe and begin to bleat and get out of control.

Question 9 : What was the observation of Penny when Jody brought the fawn into Penny’s room?

Answer : Penny felt that Jody’s eyes were as bright as that of the fawn. Jody was brimming with happiness at having brought the fawn home.

Short Questions

Question 1 : What excuse does Jody give to the Mill-wheel for not accompanying him?

Answer : Jody tells the Mill-wheel that they have reached the point. And the scrub was too thick for a horse. Also,  he said that it might take him a little longer to find the fawn; therefore , Mill-wheel should leave Jody and go.

Question 2 : Describe the meeting between Jody and the fawn. 

Answer : As anticipated by Jody, the meeting between Jody and the fawn was a lovely one. Both Jody and the fawn were overwhelmed with emotions on meeting with each other. Jody began to stroke the fawn tenderly and threw his arms around its body. The fawn too on recognising Jody through his scent became quite happy.

Question 3 : Why was it difficult for Jody to carry the fawn back home?

Answer : It was difficult for Jody to carry back the fawn because the fawn was a little heavy. Also, the legs of the fawn were fairly long and its legs hung limply, making it difficult for Jody to carry it. Jody was also afraid that the fawn might get out of control at the sight of its mother and then it would get further difficult to carry the burden.

Question 4 : What did Penny feel trapped on hearing Jody’s request?

Answer : Penny felt trapped on hearing Jody’s request because he was left with no  options other than saying yes. The doe had saved Penny’s life and leaving its fawn unattended would have been morally incorrect. Therefore, Penny aws forced to comply with Jody’s demand of bringing the fawn home.

Long Questions

Question 1 : Why did the fawn have difficulty in drinking the milk?

Answer : The fawn was perhaps used to drinking the milk by sucking its mother. It did not know how to drink milk any other way. Therefore, when Jody dipped his fingers in the milk and offered them to the fawn, the fawn felt as if it was drinking milk in the same old fashion and began to suck Jody’s finger.

When Jody withdrew his fingers, it again became difficult for the fawn to take milk. Jody had to keep his fingers immersed in the gourd to make it easier for the fawn to drink milk.

Question 2 : Discuss an important lesson imparted by the story.

Answer : The story “The is Jody’s Fawn” puts a lot of emphasis on questions of morality behind killing of animals. Therefore, both the prime characters as well as the minor characters in the story are seen dealing with questions concerning the fawn from a moral perspective.

Jody’s thoughts constantly revolve around the abandoned fawn of the doe that they had to kill in order to save Penny. Penny, too, is forced to agree to Jody’s demand because it would be immoral to leave the fawn starving, knowing that its mother saved his life. Ma Baxter, though threating the question practically, also gives in when Doc Wilson reminds her of the ‘moral price’ they must pay, for the doe saved her husband’s life.

Both Doc Wilson and Mill-wheel were supportive of Jody’s decision of raising the fawn. The story does not justify the unnecessary killing of animals, nor does it seem to suggest that the killing of animals is not a serious issue. Thus, looking at animals with love, care and sensitivity is highlighted by the story.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Why was it so important to Jody to bring the fawn home?

Answer : Jody was stirred by feelings of love and guilt and this was his reason in bringing home the fawn. The doe was killed so that its heart and liver could be used to neutralise the effect of poison in Penny’s body.

Jody held himself responsible for the fate of the doe and its fawn; they had to suffer for no fault of theirs. This forced Jody to think about the fawn. Also, perhaps, Jody had met the fawn earlier. When Jody goes to look for the fawn in the scrub, the fawn is able to recognise Jody from his smell, which is indicative of some prior meeting or relation between the two.

Question 2 : Describe the relationship between Jody and the fawn. 

Answer : Jody and the fawn shared a unique relationship of love and compassion. Jody feels a certain degree of compassion for the fawn, whose mother was killed in order to save Penny’s life. Jody realises that neither the doe nor the fawn was to blame.

He, therefore, wanted to take the responsibility of raising them. The fawn, on the other hand, was bonded to Jody through a strong chain of love. It felt safe and protected in Jody’s company. When it meets Jody after its mother’s death, it became delirious with joy at finding that familiar touch and smell.