Long Answer Type Questions

  1. What were the replies the king received for his first question?

Ans. In reply to his first question, the king was advised to follow a timetable by some men. There were some people who were of the opinion that it was impossible to decide the right time in advance. The king was suggested to keep a note of all the happenings around him, avoid indulging in excessive pleasure and do everything that seemed important at any particular time. Alongwith this he should have a team of intelligent people to guide to him to the right thing at the right time.

  1. Describe the king in your own words.

Ans. The king wanted to be a good ruler. He was seeking answers for the three questions which he thought would help him in his mission. The king was kindhearted, when he found the old man tired of digging the ground, he offered him his help. He kept on bandaging the bearded man’s wound until blood stopped coming out from it. He was down to earth, he dressed up like a common man and spent the night sleeping on floor at the hermit’s hut.

  1. Describe the bearded man in your own words.

Ans. The bearded man was courageous. He wanted to avenge his brother’s death killing the king. He lacked patience because when the king didn’t return by evening, he became anxious and left his hiding place. He was thankful and obliged by the king’s act.

He repented for his act and asked for forgiveness. He returned the favour by promising the king faithfulness of his entire family for the kingdom.

  1. The king had done right things at the right time. Explain giving three examples.

Ans. The king had known the hermit’s nature of meeting only ordinary men. So, he gave up his king’s attire, left behind his soldiers and the horse and went alone to meet him.

He offered the hermit his help in digging the ground. He did this till evening. This helped him avoid the attack planned by the bearded man.

He helped the bearded man bandaging his wound and offered him water. He saved his life. This helped him made friends with his enemy. 

Value Based Questions

  1. Do you think we should help people in need? Why so?

Ans. We should always help people in need. We have been sent to this world to do good to others. If we are good and kind towards other, people will respect us for our kindness. Being kind and helpful keeps us happy from within. We feel happiness when we bring smile on the face of others. We earn their good wishes and blessings in return. It makes us a good human being. To help others is the greatest motto of humanity and we should adhere to it.

  1. The king helped the hermit in digging the beds. He even slept on the floor of the hut and lived like a simple man in the hermit’s hut. What lesson we learn from this?

Ans. The king found the old hermit tired digging the beds so he offered his help to the man. He was accustomed of comfort and lavishness in his palace still at hermit’s home he slept on the floor. At our homes we get all the luxuries but if one day there comes a situation where we have to live without them we should be prepared for that.

In life we might become very rich and affluent one day still we should be simple from heart and must not be ashamed of embracing it at any moment.