Very Short Answer Type Questions

(NCERT Page 16)

  1. Why did the king send two messengers throughout his kingdom?

Ans. The king sent his messengers to look for wise people.

  1. How did the king promise to reward the person who would answer his questions correctly?

Ans. The king promised to reward the person with a huge sum of money.

  1. Whose advice did the king finally think of seeking?

Ans. The king finally thought of seeking the hermit’s advice who lived in a distant jungle.

  1. Who did go along with the king to meet the hermit?

Ans. No one went along with the king.

  1. During which time of the day would the hermit would leave the forest and go out?

Ans. The hermit never used to go out of the forest.

  1. Why did the bearded man press his stomach with his hand?

Ans. The bearded man pressed his stomach because he was wounded and wanted to stop blood flowing out from his wound.

Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Why was the king advised to listen to his soldiers?

Ans. Some wise men thought that it were soldiers who used to fight wars for the king and help him extend his territory and power. So, according to them they thought soldiers were the most important people whom the king should follow.

  1. Why did the king refuse to give reward to anyone?

Ans. The king was not satisfied with the answers of the wise men.

They all had given different answers to the same questions because of which he was unable to come to a conclusion, so he refused giving the reward to anyone.

  1. Why the king changed his clothes and left behind his bodyguards and horse before meeting the hermit?

Ans. The king was aware that the hermit would meet only simple people.

So, he dressed up like an ordinary man, left behind his horse and bodyguards and went to meet the hermit in his hut in the woods all alone.

  1. Describe the hermit in one or two sentences.

Ans. The hermit was a weak old man and used to live amidst the woods which he would never leave. He was digging the ground in front of his hut for sowing seeds when the king arrived and the tedious task had made him tired.

  1. “Here comes someone running”. Who has been referred to in this sentence?

Ans. The bearded man is being referred to in these lines. He had planned to attack the king, but was instead attacked by the king’s bodyguards, as they had recognized him. He had received a wound in his stomach. He was rushing towards the hermit’s hut for help.