Very Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Who have tea parties under the trees?

Ans. The adults enjoy having tea parties under the shade of the trees.

  1. To what use a mother puts the trees?

Ans. According to the poem, mothers love to capture the beauty of the trees on their canvas.

  1. What happens when the winds blow?

Ans. When the winds blow through the trees, the leaves and branches move to and fro giving cool breeze.

Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Why do the fathers find trees useful?

Ans. During the fall, gathering the scattered leaves from the ground, a lot of profit could be reaped.

These leaves could be used as fuel or turned into manure and fertilisers. The fathers find this profitable as this aids their business.

  1. Why the chopped down trees are called timber?

Ans. The trees are chopped down so that their wood could be put to use. The logs and wood, timber, is used for carpentry and to make furniture. Even when the tree is chopped down, it is useful and profitable.

  1. From the reading of the poem, evaluate the benefits of trees.

Ans. The trees have various benefits. They cater to the needs of all forms of life. Birds derive food and shelter from the trees and so do some of the animals. Birds use trees to build their nests. For human beings, too, trees are a major source of sustenance.

They get fruits, shade, timber, medicines and various other such elements from the trees.

Children love to play around the trees.

For those, who have leisurely time, trees provide relief and also work as subjects that could be painted.