The poem, Trees’ is a long catalogue describing the various advantages of trees. Every person who looks at a tree appreciates it for a different reason. Trees are the source of sustaining life; they provide food and shelter. They are loved by children while playing games. They give shade and fruit and various other gifts.

Stanzawise Explanation

Stanza 1

Trees are for birds.

Trees are for children.

Trees are to make tree houses in.

Trees are to swing swings on.

Trees are for the wind to blow through.

Trees are to hide behind in ‘Hide and Seek’.

Trees are to have tea parties under.

Trees are for kites to get caught in.

Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

Trees are to make no shade in winter.

Trees are for apples to grow on, and pears;

Trees are to chop down and call, “TIMBER-R-R!”

Trees make mothers say,

What a lovely picture to paint!”

Trees make fathers say,

“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall!”

Reference The above lines have been taken from Shirley Bauer’s poem,

Context The poet lists down the various advantages of the trees.

Explanation The trees are used by birds. They live in the trees and build their nests. Trees are used by children.

They love to make tree houses and use them as swings. Children love to play hide and seek behind the trees. Not just children, even grown ups have fun around the trees.

They have their tea parties under the shade of the trees. The strong winds that blow through the trees provide relief to passersby. During extreme summers, trees provide shade.

During winters, trees do not provide shade and allow people to bathe in the sun. People get to eat delicious fruit like apples and pear. Trees are useful even when they are chopped down.

We get timber which is used to make furniture. To some, trees are like beautiful pictures that they would love to paint and to others they are profitable as even their shattered leaves could be put to great use.