Viruses, Viroids and Prions Questions and Answers

Viruses, Viroids and Prions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers)

Question 1 : The parasite that is nonliving outside a living cell but becomes living on entering it

A) Bacterium

B) Bacteriophage

C) Plasmodium

D) Yeast

Answer : B

Question 2 : RNA is genetic material in

A) T2 virus

B) T4 virus

C) SV – 400


Answer : D

Question 3 : Double stranded RNA is found in

A) Influenza Virus

B) Reovirus

C)Polio Virus

D) T4 virus

Answer : B

Question 4 : Smallest virus is

A) Foot and Mouth virus

B) Alfalfa Mosaic virus

C) Pseudomonas Pf


Answer : A

Question 5 : Who discovered virus to be nucleoprotein entity?

A) Causius

B) Pasteur

C) Ivanowski

D) Bawden and Pirie

Answer : D

Question 6 : Name the most common viral disease

A) Flu

B) Common Cold

C) Rabies

D) Chicken Pox

Answer : B

Question 7 : The term virus was coined by 

A) Ivanowski

B) Beijerink

C) Pasteur

D) Loeffler and Frosch

Answer : C

Question 8 : A viral disease known from prehistoric times is

A) Pneumonia

B) Small Pox

C) Poliomyelitis

D) Both B and C

Answer : D

Question 9 : Rabies or hydrophobia is a disease

A) Viral

B) Bacterial

C) Protozoan

D) Helmintic

Answer : A

Question 10 : Who discovered vaccination against small pox?

A) Jenner

B) Pasteur

C) Lister

D) Mayer

Answer : A

Question 11 : Extract of Tobacco with Mosaic disease was called contagium vivum fluidum by 

A) Mayer

B) Ivanowski

C) Beijerink

D) Pasteur

Answer : C

Question 12 : Who found poliomyelitis to be viral disease?

A) Pasteur

B) Popper

C) De Herelle

D) Loeffler and Frosch

Answer : B

Question 13 : bacteriophages were discovered by

A) Twort

B) De Herelle

C) Takahashi and Rawlins

D) Stanley

Answer : A

Question 14 : The term bacteriophage was coined by 

A) Pasteur

B) Ivanowski

C) Saffarman and Morris

D) De Herelle

Answer : D

Question 15 : Name the virus which was crystallized for the first time.

A) Parrot Fever Virus

B) Small Pox Virus



Answer : C

Question 16 : Who cultured the virus for the first time?

A) Stanley

B) Enders

C) Takahashi and Rawlins

D) Issacs and Lindermann

Answer : B

Question 17 : The first virus to be cultured in human cells was

A) Polio Virus

B) Dengue Virus

C) Influenza Virus


Answer : A

Question 18 : Coliphages are viruses parasitising

A) Fungi

B) Alimentary canal

C) Escherichia coli

D) Yeast

Answer : C

Question 19 : Who discovered that RNA is genetic material in TMV?

A) Gierere and Schramm

B) Issacs and Lindermann

C) Sinsheimer

D) Delbruck

Answer : A

Question 20 : The most mutable virus is

A) Chicken Pox Virus


C) Influenza Virus

D) Dengue Virus

Answer : B

Question 21 : Retroviruses and reverse transcriptase were discovered by

A) Sinsheimer

B) Stanley

C) Temin and Baltimore

D) Hershey and Chase

Answer : C

Question 22 : Single stranded DNA as genetic material in ɸ x 174 was discovered by

A) Delbruck

B) Saffarman and Morris

C) Reed and Findley

D) Sinsheimer

Answer : D

Question 23 : TMV is 

A) Helical Virus

B) Polyhedral Virus

C) Spherical Virus

D) Binal Virus

Answer : A

Question 24 : Bacteriophage T2 is

A) Filamentous

B) Cuboidal

C) Binal

D) Spherical

Answer : C

Question 25 : Which is absent in virus?

A) Genetic material

B) Protein cover

C) Protoplasm

D) Both A and B.

Answer : C

Question 26 : Virion is 

A) Virus in stage of multiplication

B) Virus attached to host cell nucleus

C) Virus inside cytoplasm of host cell

D) Virus in cell free environment

Answer : D

Question 27 : Peplomers are subunits of

A) Protein cover of virus

B) Genetic material of virus

C) Viral envelope

D) Occasional enzyme found in viruses

Answer : C

Question 28 : Viral envelope is made of

A) Proteins

B) Lipids

C) Carbohydrates

D) All the above

Answer : D

Question 29 : Host component of viral envelope is mostly

A) Lipids

B) Carbohydrates

C) Lipids and Proteins

D) Lipids and carbohydrates

Answer : D

Question 30 : Capsid is

A) Genetic material of virus

B) Protein cover of virus

C) Extra genetic material of bacterium

D) House keeping genome of bacterium

Answer : B

Question 31 : A virus with ss DNA is

A) ɸ x 174

B) Coliphage fd

C) Coliphage MS2

D) All the above

Answer : D

Question 32 : Genomic nucleic acid is fragmented in


B) Influenza virus


D) Poliomyelitis virus

Answer : B

Question 33 : Virus having enzyme lysozyme is

A) Retrovirus

B) Influenza virus

C) Bacteriophage

D) Vaccinia virus

Answer : C

Question 34 : Reverse transcriptase occurs in virus


B) Influenza virus

C) Vaccinia virus

D) All the above

Answer : A

Question 35 : A plant virus having DNA is


B) Cauliflower Mosaic Virus

C) Potato Mosaic Virus

D) Both B and C.

Answer : B

Question 36 : Viruses are

A) Obligate parasites

B) Obligate saprophytes

C) Partial parasites

D) Facultative parasites

Answer : A

Question 37 : Viruses possess

A) DNA only

B) Nucleic acid, DNA or RNA

C) Protein only

D) Nucleic acid and protein

Answer : D

Question 38 : AIDS virus contains

A) DNA only

B) RNA only

C) DNA + protein

D) RNA + protein

Answer : D

Question 39 : Coliphage ɸ x 174 virus contains

A) Single stranded RNA

B) Double stranded RNA

C) Single stranded DNA

D) Double stranded DNA

Answer : C

Question 40 : Single stranded DNA occurs as a genetic material in virus

A) T2

B) T4

C) ɸ x 174

D) Lambda

Answer : C

Question 41 : Not applicable to viruses is

A) Cannot use O2 for respiration

B) Made of proteins and nucleic acids

C) Can be grown in sugary medium

D) Multiply only in living host cells

Answer : C

Question 42 : In viruses, the nucleic acid is



C) Both A or B

D) Either A or B

Answer : D

Question 43 : In Rous Sarcoma Virus information flow is 

A) DNA –> Protein –> RNA

B) DNA –> RNA –> Protein

C) RNA –> DNA –> Protein

D) RNA –> DNA –> RNA –> Protein

Answer : D

Question 44 : Bacteriophages kill

A) Fungi

B) All monerans

C) Bacteria

D) Viruses

Answer : C

Question 45 : Viroids differ from viruses in

A) Satellite RNA packaged with viral genome

B) Naked DNA molecules

C) Naked RNA molecules only

D) Naked DNA packaged with viral genome

Answer : C

Question 46 :  Reverse transcriptase is

A) RNA dependent RNA polymerase

B) DNA dependent RNA polymerase

C) DNA dependent DNA polymerase

D) RNA dependent DNA polymerase

Answer : D

Question 47 : Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) genome is

A) Double stranded RNA

B) Single stranded RNA

C) Polyribonucleotides

D) Proteinaceous

Answer : C

Question 48 : Which of the following cannot be grown on artificial culture medium?

A) Escherichia coli


C) Aspergillus

D) Yeast

Answer : B

Question 49 : Tobacco mosaic virus was crystallised for first time by

A) Edward Jenner

B) Louis Pasteur

C) Andre Lwoff

D) W.N. Stanley

Answer : D

Question 50 : Bacteriophage is

A) Mycoplasma

B) Virus

C) Rickettsia

D) Spirochete

Answer : B