1. What I want to be in life.
  2. Beautiful mind, better than a fair complexion.
  3. Importance of Outdoor Games.
  4. Gender discrimination in society
  5. The importance of public transport
  6. The state of education today
  7. Role of students in eradicating illiteracy
  8. Festivals of India
  9. How to provide proper health care to the common man
  10. Advertisements as source of information
  11. How to make women feel safe
  12. How to keep up a check on population
  13. Importance of Morning Assembly
  14. Midday Meal Scheme – Benefits and Drawbacks
  15. Ragging : An Evil
  16. India’s Tourism Poential
  17. Being Eighteen – Joy and Responsibilities
  18. Status of Women in Society
  19. TV as a Tool of Instruction
  20. Need for Sport and Games
  21. Coaching Classes : Waste of Student’s Precious Time
  22. Importance of Educating Women
  23. The Menace of Stray Dogs
  24. The Ever Rising Prices
  25. Lack of Civic Sense Needs Correction
  26. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  27. Preventing Terrorist Attacks
  28. Tourism in India
  29. Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success
  30. How to Root out Corruption from our Country
  31. Promoting Tourism in the Country
  32. An Ideal Leader
  33. Youth and Social Services
  34. Need for Counselling before Board Exams
  35. Advantages of a Positive Attitude
  36. The Value of Friends
  37. The Usefulness of the English Language in India
  38. Natural Calamities
  39. Travelling in an Overcrowded Bus
  40. Obesity among School Children Life
  41. Life without Modern Gadgets
  42. Poverty is the Cause of all Evils
  43. The Four R’s to Save the Environment
  44. Mahatma Gandhi : The Father of our Nation
  45. Indian Classical Dance Reality Show Needed
  46. Promoting Value Education in Schools
  47. Supportive Parents and Stress Free Students
  48. My Vision of India in 2040
  49. Need to Inculcate Healthy Dietary Habits
  50. Role of Police in Maintaining Law and Order
  51. Why would you Prefer to have an Adventurous Life
  52. How Far it Justified for Children to Participate in TV Programmes
  53. The Evil of Ragging in Educational Institutions
  54. The Role of Youth in Combating Corruption
  55. Mushroom Growth of Slums in Big Cities
  56. Science and Religion
  57. Which Life Would You Prefer – Safe or Adventurous
  58. Cable TV – A Boon of a Bane
  59. The Role of the Students in Removing Illiteracy
  60. Today’s Youth and Stress