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Importance of Outdoor Games

by Sreeja

India is a land of 134 crore people, but in the Rio Olympics our sportspersons performed poorly in most of the sporting events. In spite of outdoor games being part of our school education, not much emphasis is laid on practice and proving our calibre in the international sports arena.

Our government should realise the importance of outdoor games if we want to leave a mark in sporting events at international levels. Playing outdoors provides us with fresh air and energy. Besides, cooperation, etc. However, these days, children do not like to play outdoor games. Instead, they stay indoors watching TV, playing video games, browsing the net etc. Many of them are becoming obese due to such habits.

It is high time that both parents and educational institutions take initiatives to inculcate the habit of playing outdoor games. Schools must provide facilities and initiatives so that children are involved in outdoor activities and games. Such initiatives will also discover talented sportspersons, who can then be trained for international competitions.